For a while, the pixels2Pages team has wanted to create Blueprints using Artisan 5, but for various reasons, we were unable to.  About a year ago, we began introducing Artisan 5 Blueprints to our members during our crops as beta tests and eventually as bonus enhanced Blueprints.   We have talked about ways that you, the end user, benefit from using Artisan 5 Blueprints, but we never really talked about the benefits to the pixels2Pages team as the designers.

The pixels2Pages team had stopped using Artisan 4 for most all offerings at the end of 2015 after Artisan 5 was released.  We also stopped creating offerings that were Artisan 4 compatible, except for Blueprints.  Blueprints were the only offering that had to be created in Artisan 4 and could be used on all versions and predecessor versions of the software.  The more and more we used Artisan 5, the more difficult it became for us to go back to Artisan 4 to create Blueprints for them to simply be used in Artisan 5.

  • Artisan 5 is rich in function, but Blueprints created in Artisan 4 could not take advantage of this functionality.
  • It took much longer to create certain designs in Artisan 4 because we could not utilize the time-saving features in Artisan 5.
  • We could not accomplish certain effects because the tools and features were not available in Artisan 4.
  • Due to the limitations of Artisan 4 compared to Artisan 5, our freedom to express our creativity was restricted.

Those are just some of the reasons why we wanted to make the big switch.   I wanted to take a few moments to share two of my favorite enhanced Artisan 5 Blueprints.

The first is the very first enhanced Blueprint that I created, Happy Trails (released during the crop in April 2018).  I loved that Artisan 5 allowed me to make no-fuss, interchangeable photo holders, meaning I could have one photo go across three squares or have three different photos there.  Artisan 5 allowed me to create a live, custom-shaped, torn photo holder.   In Artisan 4, it would be nearly impossible to create this look and still have a shaped photo holder that I could edit and adjust easily.

My second favorite Blueprint (designed by me) is one that has not been released yet.  It is called Twenty, and it will be in your March Blueprint downloads.  So, let me tell you a bit about my third favorite Blueprint (designed by me).  The Queen T was in your February downloads.  I had seen a traditional layout that has extra strips of photos positioned to the left and right of the main photo detail.  I don’t even think they were from the main photo, but i had a vision to create the look of the outer edges of a photo being cut in to strips and mixed with strips of paper.  I wanted the Blueprint to look complicated, but be very simple to create.  Artisan 5 allowed me to achieve that for the end user.  Test it out for yourself.

Page by Tameka | p2P Blueprint The Queen Thigh Spirits Discounted Bundle from Designs by Mandy King | Fonts: Onadio, Bahnschrift Light

Well, that is all I have for this blog entry.  Hopefully you have a better view of how and why we design our most popular offering, and you see that changes benefit pixels2Pages members and the pixels2Pages team.


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9 Responses to Blog: Designing Blueprints

  1. Nandini Trehan says:

    Looking forward to these bps. Thank you Tameka for this insight

  2. Cari Kidwell says:

    I have designed several pages in the past, and would love to know to how to save them as a page file.

  3. Thank You and good to know. Hugs Laureen

  4. Sandy Norman says:

    This makes total sense to me. With everything A5 has to offer it really makes sense to use it to our benefit. Thanks for the update and for making it so much easier for the rest of us.

  5. Karin Ebuen says:

    Although it is still hard to grasp all that can be done in A5 and with the blueprints done in A5, my favorite part is the “fill selected shape” feature where the actual shape comes up on the cutting board!

  6. Barbara Poretz says:

    I looked through my April 2018 Blueprints and this one is not there, where might I get it, I love it!!

  7. Karen Weaver says:

    Appreciate all ya’ll do and that you are always looking out for us! Appreciate all the FAB BP’s.

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