The first hosted p2P Live in Morgan Hill just took place March 15-17!  The event was hosted by Lindy Keelan. I am so excited that we have a local event for the California Bay Area to attend.  Morgan Hill is just 25 miles south of San Jose or about 45 minutes north of Monterey.  We had 24 people attend the event, and they came from all over.  They came from Mexico, New Jersey, southern California, Sacramento, Sonoma, Cambria, San Jose and Morgan Hill just to name a few cities.  We made new friends and caught up with old friends.  We ate good food and some junk food (just a little).  Best of all, we were together in person! There is power in gathering, working and learning together.  I loved teaching all the breakout sessions. While I was the “official” trainer, really everybody is a trainer in that room.  We all learn from each other.  We don’t know what we don’t know until we see someone else to do it.

We are getting more and more events on the calendar that span the USA.  If you don’t have an event relatively close to you, consider hosting an event – it isn’t that hard.

Even more exciting news…. There is another p2P Live event in Morgan Hill May 3-5! The event is open. The event is being hosted by Karen Fitting. The information to register is listed in this post.

Come join the fun!

Registration information for the May 3-5, 2019 event


Take at look at all the fun we had:

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