Creating a photo globe is a pixels2Pages™ signature technique, as it was the very first video published on pixels2Pages back when it opened on this day in 2010.  Because pixels2Pages™ is a global community, even the pixels2Pages™ logo is fashioned using the same globe technique.   In honor of our birthday, we would love it if you would flood the pixels2Pages Community Group with your Globe page.

In honor of our 8th birthday, we want you all to create and post some globes!  Get creative with it, and have fun!  To save you some time, we are providing you with basic templates to get you posting your globes quickly.  Click the image below to begin your download.  (These Blueprint downloads were previously released to p2P members on 4/7/18 as part of the Globetrotters Virtual Crop.  In honor of our 9th Birthday, we are making these files and the Start2Finish Video available to the public through April 30th)

(While you download and use these templates the way you would use a p2P membership Blueprint, these are not Blueprints. They do not have ornamental detail, text boxes or text paths placed. They simply have the photo arrangement set up to save you time creating your globe and globe variations.)

Be sure to share your pages in the pixels2Pages™ Community Facebook group and use this hashtag in your credits:

#p2PGoingGlobal and #HappyBirthdayp2P

In case you’ve never made a globe before (welcome to p2P!!) or if you need a quick refresher course, here is the most recent video posted about making a photo globe:

Going Global with Artisan 5 [10:25 mins]



For more information about some of the topics covered in this video:

Crop Variations Gallery:

Original Going Global Gallery:

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10 Responses to Happy Birthday p2P! Going Global Start2Finish Video with Variations

  1. says:

    Not sure why, but the globe was easy but when I follow the instructions to put the frame around the page it doesn’t work. I inserted the rectangle, changed fill to transparent, changed stroke to compound with .25 in and changed color but all I get is a thin line. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Brenda Kerr says:

    Usually when we get a new blueprint you include a printable version. I can’t get this “global variation” to print. Is there a way to make it print? If I don’t print them, I am likely to forget I have them. TIA

  3. Cheryl Gaibler says:

    I’m confused is optimizing no longer working with the globes or with everything?

    • Tameka says:

      Optimizing no longer works as intended and we do not recommend it any longer. While it appears to work for your page, it is actually making your project size much bigger with every optimization.

  4. Debbie Hanvey says:

    I love this technique. In the video, optimizing is recommended. I thought I read recently that optimizing wasn’t working as intended and at this time it is not recommended. Can you clarify this for me? Thank you, Debbie

  5. Linda Officer says:

    Ok, the truth is, sometimes I just come back to this, because all these globe pages are so pretty. 🙂

  6. says:

    Wow! That’s amazing. It almost seems easier than trying to use a blueprint!

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