It’s hard to believe that we’re celebrating our ninth year of training and inspiring and motivating women (and a few good men) to create beautiful digital scrapbook pages!  What a ride it’s been!  I thought you might enjoy reading some of my most memorable/favorite blog posts through the years – the first one, the one from our first birthday, the one from our biggest catastrophe, a news post about Alison joining us, a blog about our first Forever LIVE event, a news post about joining the Forever team, and my ‘last’ official blog post.  They sort of tell the p2P story – enjoy!  (Hint: the last one has even more links in it, including one that tells the whole story!)

As an added bonus, I found a ‘Welcome to the Website’ video from 2011, and I thought you might enjoy seeing what things looked like then.  Keep in mind that while times were different, and we were training on a different software and partnering with a different company, the spirit of pixels2Pages and the standard of quality for which we strive has not changed.  We continue to be so grateful for your support, your questions, your curiosity, your willingness to learn, your beautiful pages, and your love of Artisan and Historian.  Without you, we wouldn’t be celebrating another birthday!

Thanks also to all Pixies, without whom none of this would have happened.  I’m forever in your debt, Shelley Alexander, Carolyn Bodkin, Tameka Bond, Mary Browder, Jeannine Campbell, Justine Forrest, Janice Gilhooley, Kerrianne Hobbs, Marilyn Innes, Anne Lineberger, Jenny MacKay, Kim Mannino, Penny Peterson, and Alison Woof.  Thanks for stepping out in faith and always keeping the goal in sight.  LYMI!

Cheers to the years, p2P!


Sail Away!

Birthday Gifts at pixels2Pages

Blog: Pixie Down!

News: Welcome our newest Pixie-in-Training

Blog: Coming Home

News: Forever and pixels2Pages Join Forces

Blog: So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Adieu….

HERE is the link to the 2011 Welcome video.

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4 Responses to Blog: Looking Back

  1. Pam says:

    I followed all your links and really enjoyed connecting all of the p2P dots — I may have to share some of your words of wisdom, Jan!! I love your blogs!!

  2. Great blog post! Things sure have changed a lot in nine years! It was fun taking a walk down memory lane with p2P and the Pixies. But I do have to admit, several times this weekend I found myself running to my computer thinking I was missing out on some blueprint or Bright Idea at the birthday crop! Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever thought I would be helping the Pixies out with tasks as a member of the PPC! Thanks, again to all the Pixies for teaching us all that Artisan has to offer and for unleashing our creativity right along with yours! This ride is far from over and it can only get better!

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