Doors are significant and meaningful.  Some people open doors to the future which lead to infinite possibilities.  Others believe that you should close the door on the past.  Well, at pixels2Pages, we are opening the door to the past so that you can create some amazing pages that will bring you great joy in the present and the future.

Choose one of the doors below.   Once you open that door, there is no heading back.  Create a page using the post behind the first door you open. Don’t open another door until your page is complete.

The posts behind the door will be public until 8 PM Eastern on Sunday, May 5, 2019.


Share your pages:

  • Page must be posted to the pixels2Pages Community Facebook Group before 8:00 AM Eastern on May 4, 2019.
  • The page must be a newly created page using the selected techniques.
  • Your post must include the following hashtag along with the hashtag on the specific offering you use:
You can also use the individual hashtags on each offering.
You can also participate by posting your pages directly into the FOREVER Collaborative Album. You are welcome to add your page to our Collaborative Album even if you posted your page to the pixels2Pages Community Facebook Group.


Click the image below to collect your badge for this offering:

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3 Responses to Once Upon A Time Crop Game – Behind the Door

  1. Sarah Rold says:

    Loved this game!

  2. S Engle says:

    Pixies, I have discovered a problem uploading to the Forever album. I don’t like adding people pages to FB for privacy reasons, so I uploaded a page directly to the collaborative album. But now P2p is “owner” and I can’t edit the description to add the tags.
    I got around this by adding the page to my Forever account, adding the tags in the description and then adding it to the collaborative album. But now there are two copies of the page in the album, one with description and one without. Is there a solution to this for people without a Forever Account?

    • Tameka says:

      There is no problem with Collaborative Albums, that is the way it works. We explain in full detail in the Welcome post. You have nothing to worry about. When we curate the album, we will delete all pages that don’t have credits.

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