The countdown has begun.  One week from today pixels2Pages members and friends will be enjoying our third quarterly crop.  Below is the crop agenda for  North America and for Australia/New Zealand.  Click the image to download your printable agenda.

Some key things to note about this upcoming crop.

  • This crop is shorter due to its close proximity to our last crop.   Our next crop will go back to its original format.  As always, we will review feedback and see if there are things we can implement.
  • Crop kit freebies will now use pixels2Pages member-only coupon functionality.   You will have a little over 1 week to add your kit to your FOREVER cart for your free purchases.  After this time frame has expired, you will not be able to download crop kits for free.
  • p2P member only coupons for featured art will be available for a little over 1 week.
  • Blueprints will remain part of your membership for the period of time that you are an active member, provided you are a member on or before July 26, 2019.
  • While all posts will publish by Saturday, the crop is self-paced and will be ongoing through and including July 26, 2019.  Keep cropping, keep posting, and get continued opportunities to win.


If you have questions about our upcoming crop, please type them in the comments below and I will be sure to answer them.

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24 Responses to Agenda: Flip Flop Crop July 19-20, 2019

  1. Fran Arcoria says:

    Will the badges be released on Friday Morning so we can DL before the start of the crop @ 3PM? Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow, Tameka and Adriana as well!

  2. Laura Barkman says:

    There was a great document prior to one of the last crops about tips to prepare. Can you post the link again when you post the agendas?

  3. Mary Calhoun says:

    It is fabulous that you have posted with the major time zones for the different group. Of course, I will still have to do my own calculations since I’m the only scrapper in my time zone (Athens, Greece). 😉

  4. says:

    Thank you for the invitation. I am in rural New Zealand, 2 hours ahead of AEST. Do I need to register in advance of the first session? I am not sure if I will be able to keep on line during all the sessions. It is winter here and we do get power cuts from time to time when weather is bad.

  5. Kathy Strawn says:

    Tameka, I know this is not the right place to ask this question, but I have tried every way I know to get my new e-mail address added to p2P so that I get notices such as this one. All these type of notices are going to my old e-mail address. How do I get this changed? Can you put me in touch with the right person?

    • Tameka says:

      Emails do not get sent from the site. If you are getting emails, they are because you signed up for our newsletter. You can sign up again using your new email address. A link to the newsletter sign up is in our Rabbit Rabbit posts.

      On p2P your user name is your email address. Your user name cannot be changed, but you can change the email linked to your user name by clicking your log i in the upper right hand corner of the site.
      You can always email pixels2Pages at

  6. says:

    Hi Tameka
    Thanks for posting this so early. Can’t wait to start cropping.
    Coupons sound great!

    Thanks to all the pixies for working so hard to have a crop for us. I know the next month and a half will be super busy for you all!

  7. Cathy Finney says:

    So, where do I get this coupon that knows I am an active p2P member? I’m a bit confused about this coupon.

  8. Melita Watts says:

    Thanks you so much for the Australia/NewZealand times! That does my head in usually!!!

  9. Karen Ryder says:

    When will the kit be available and where will we find the coupon?

  10. Karen Ryder says:

    Tameka, when will the the coupon be available and where will we find it. Will it be on the Forever sale page?

  11. fbailey says:

    Hi-Although I will not be able to crop as we are camping I will be back within a week to download the free kits. That being said, a week is a short window as one might be traveling out of the country on a two or three week adventure. I do not have a cell phone so I do not go to the internet that often. I guess I will just have to be aware and make sure that I do so if a crop happens while I am away. I am wondering why you are shortening the time to just a week.

    • Tameka says:

      We have not shortened the time. It has always been 1 week after the last day of the crop. What is changing is that you need to use a coupon to get your free kit. A coupon that knows who is an active p2P member and who isn’t, Since digital art is distributed through the FOREVER Store, the coupon will expire. Blueprints remain archived in your membership. It is only for the Member Gift kit and the wrap up posts.

      As for the discounted kits, that is something brand new altogether and it is the nature of the sale. You have to catch it.

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