With apologies to Scarlet O’Hara and Margaret Mitchell, I will never lose my pictures again!

You see, I lost most of my pictures when Hurricane Katrina flooded my house in 2005. I had been a Creative Memories consultant for 15 years and had been cropping since 1997, so I had books, and books, and more books. I could have taken them all with me, (as I could have taken my dogs, another, even sadder story), but I didn’t.

Because I didn’t think we would really flood. Yes, we lived on the bayou, but, we were hurricane veterans and I thought we had seen the worst in 1999 with Hurricane Georges. We didn’t flood then and that was the wettest storm we had ever had. The water came up to our steps. I remember telling my husband, “We will never flood. Look at how high that water came and it didn’t even get up the steps.”

In Katrina, we got 6 feet and a tornado hit one side of the house and the ceiling collapsed in my workroom – where most of my pictures were. It was like, where are Teresa’s pictures? Let’s get ‘em!

After the storm, we had help mucking out our house. The wife of one of our helpers helped me remove pictures from my drowned albums. We were able to salvage many of pictures, interestingly enough, because they were covered by page protectors. The pages that had no protectors are gone forever. (The journaling was as good as the day I wrote it though.  That is a testament to the CM Sakura pens.)

Fortunately, I also had boxes of photos upstairs that I hadn’t cropped yet. Those photos and negatives were not damaged, and I spent hundreds of dollars having them digitized.

I printed a lot of them, but to print all?  Well, I couldn’t afford to do that. For several years, I tried to crop traditionally again. But I could never get my mojo back. My CM business went kaput because so many of my customers had lost their pictures and supplies, too, so I would be cropping by myself or when I went to out-of-town crops. I never got many pages done.

Finally, I decided since I couldn’t print all my recovered photos and they were all digitized anyway, I would just start cropping digitally. And then, I discovered pixels2Pages.

Game over. I was a digital scrapbooker now.

Then came Forever. Now, that is what I was looking for. A place I could keep my pictures safe from floods or fire or anything that might take them away from me again.

I am uploading all the photos from my phone and the ones I recovered. I don’t have them all uploaded yet and I need to do some categorizing, but those photos are now in a safe haven. I appreciate that maybe more than anyone.

Thank you, Pixies and thank you, Forever,

Teresa Taylor

I used Mary’s Texas Proud kit and the #p2pCalmBeforetheStormBP (how appropriate is that?) The font is Clarendon Bold.


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3 Responses to Blog: Forever and ever, Amen by Teresa Taylor

  1. Terry Vachowski says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience. I just couldn’t wrap my head around Katrina until we went to New Orleans as part of a tour last week and heard the first hand stories and saw the places in person. So glad you managed to turn it to good in the end.

  2. Taylor Teresa says:

    Thank you, Ann Marie. There are many I will never see again except in my mind, but I am grateful for the ones I could recover.

  3. Ann Marie says:

    Teresa, what a beautiful yet sad story. I am so very sad to hear you lost so many beautiful photo memories and so very happy that you have salvaged so many and now have them all in a safe place. I am always so impressed by those who can just pick up and start again. Thanks for the inspiration.

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