CLICK HERE to read an important notice before downloading these Blueprints.

Here is this month’s unique offering of Blueprints. You receive 9 individual Blueprints to enjoy preserving your memories and creating layouts easily. Click the Blueprint Checklist image below to download a printable checklist of this month’s Blueprints.

Double Page Spreads:

  • A Little Bit of Home by Tameka | 15 photos [7+8] | #p2PALittleBitOfHomeBP
  • Pirate Invasion by Anne | 11 photos [2+9] #p2PPirateInvasionBP
  • Crank Up The Volume by Kim | 8 photos [5+4] | #p2PCrankUpTheVolumeBP

Single Page Layouts:

  • Bourbon Street Shenanigans by Tameka | 6 photos | #p2PBourbonStreetShenanigansBP
  • Lunch Truck by Kim |9 photos | #p2PLunchTruckBP
  • Fall At Belmont Abbey by Anne | 5 photos | #p2PFallAtBelmontAbbeyBP


Click the Blueprint Checklist image below to download a printable checklist of this month’s Blueprints.




Yes it is Blueprint download day, but unfortunately there is no treat in this post.  You can, however, earn a treat.  We want you to go back through your Blueprint collection.  Select a Blueprint that you did not use in the past because you didn’t have the right photos, or you just weren’t sure it would be right for the project you were working on.  Maybe it is just a Blueprint that takes you out of your comfort zone.  We would like you to dig back through your Blueprints from 2018 or earlier.  If you are new to p2P, that is okay.  You can use any Blueprint you have access to.

Post a page in the pixels2Pages Community or in our Collaborative Album by 11:59 pm Eastern today, October 26, 2019 and you will have an opportunity to win your choice of exclusive Blueprint.

Use the hashtags featured on each Blueprint along with the crop hashtags:

#p2PTrickOrTreat and #p2PSpooktacularCrop
You can also use the individual hashtags on each offering.

We also have a collaborative album in the pixels2Pages Forever account where you can share your pages. CLICK HERE to share your Blueprint layouts.  This is perfect for those of you who may not be on Facebook.  Please make sure to credit content and fonts used in your layouts before adding them to the album.  THIS TIP will show you how to add the credits to your image.


Click the image below to collect your badge for this offering:

Related Offerings:

Not sure what to do with Blueprints? Click HERE for information about downloading and importing Blueprints to your computer so they are ready to use (and so much more!).  Click HERE to watch the Maximize Your Membership with Blueprints webinar.  NOTE: We recommend using Google Chrome to watch this webinar.  If you have trouble viewing the webinar, please switch browsers.

Downloading Blueprints

Importing a Blueprint

Unzipping The Easy Way




Effective December 2018, we have made several changes to our Blueprint offerings.  The most important things you need to know are listed below:

  • These, and future Blueprints, are designed in Artisan 5 and can only be used in Artisan 5 Software and/or future versions of the software.
    • These Blueprints cannot be used in Artisan 4 or any other predecessor software.
    • CLICK HERE for a handout detailing some of the benefits of Artisan 5 Blueprints.
    • If you are a pixels2Pages member and you are unable to use these new Blueprints, please send an email to  We will work with you to determine an acceptable substitute for this offering in your membership.
  • All Double Page Blueprints are designed for lay flat books.
    • Lay flat is the default book setting in Artisan 5, although it is a printing upgrade which is available at an additional cost at the time you order your book.
    • You are not required to purchase the lay flat upgrade; however, if you choose to use standard binding (instead of lay flat), you will need to make adjustments while creating your book.
    • When designing a book with a standard bind, change your view in Artisan to standard and then make minor adjustments to shift the elements on the page to line up across a standard page.
  • This post contains both 12 x 12″ and 11 x 8.5″ Blueprints in one download.
    • Even if you design predominantly in one size, we recommend that you save and back up both sizes of Blueprints.
    • In addition to creating books and pages, both sizes of Blueprints can be used to create cards, wall art, calendars, and more.
    • Sort Blueprints as desired after downloading them; for example, put 12 x 12″ Blueprints in one folder and 11 x 8.5″ in another.
  • It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you only use these Blueprints by importing them into an open project. 
    • From a project open in Artisan, go to the Home ribbon and import these Blueprints by using either the ‘Template’ or the ‘Add Page’ button. This is the only way you should be using Blueprints!
    • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you attempt to open these Blueprints by double-clicking on them or opening them in any other way. I repeat – DO NOT OPEN individual .artpage files.
      • Opening a Blueprint by double clicking will not in itself cause a problem. If you make any change and save a double clicked Blueprint, it will create an Embedded Images and an Images folder in your Blueprint folder.
      • If you should ever notice an ’embedded images’ or ‘images’ folder inside your Blueprint folder and you are not sure when it appeared, DO NOT delete the folders. It could result in elements being removed from the .artpage files which would require you to download each Blueprint that was opened and saved.  If you do know when the folders appeared and which Blueprints were opened, you can delete the folders and the Blueprints that were opened and then redownload the Blueprints.

Enjoy your new Blueprints!

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27 Responses to Blueprints: November 2019 (Spooktacular Trick or Treat)

  1. Joni says:

    Is there a checklist (printout) for the ‘earned blueprints’ from the crop?

  2. Sharon says:

    I submitted a page to this “trick” to earn a blueprint but haven’t heard. It was my first ever and I am not sure I did it right. The page I did was using the London Eye blueprint. Thank you for your help.

  3. Laurie Wilder says:

    Where do we post our blue prints?

    The link sends us to “Collection 2”, but given we were supposed to choose an older blue print, it doesn’t apply.

  4. I don’t see a badge for this trick??

  5. Kim O'Leary says:

    Haha…you guys are sure tricky! What a cute idea. I look forward to completing an old Blueprint and earning my treat!! Woo hoo!

  6. Bobbie says:

    HAHAHA…That’s a good one!

  7. Kathleen Eichler says:

    Ok ya got me! Now give me my BPs. *U* Kathleen who would NOT be offended if they made something like THIS illegal. lol

  8. Susan Baker says:

    That’s sneaky… LOL Good way to try something you were afraid of! I’m off to find an enemy BP. Bahahaha

  9. Cindy says:

    Is there a badge for this “trick”? Didn’t see one in the collection

  10. Geri Busch says:

    where are the blueprints

  11. Lynn Riddell says:

    When i click on the DOWNLOAD icon it takes me to the graphic of the candy trick or treat just below. Is this my computer?

  12. says:

    I can`t seem to find the blueprints, I am not unfortunately participating in the crop, does that mean I cannot get any this month?

  13. Sandi Sweet says:

    How do we get this month’s blueprints without doing the “trick”? I can’t get them to download.

  14. Mrsski33 says:

    I don’t see images of the blueprints in the post this month. Are they to be a Halloween surprise treat or is my computer “glitching” on me?

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