Thank you for participating in the Spooktacular Crop. We hope you have enjoyed your time and that you have gotten lots of pages completed! Every offering we shared with you over the past few hours was meant to increase your thirst for knowledge and spark your creativity.   From the look of all the wonderful pages posted, we can say that has been a huge success. We hope that you will continue to share your creations to inspire others and encourage storytelling for years to come.

Give us your feedback and you can win an exclusive Blueprint:

Your feedback is important to us. Not only is your feedback valued, it is necessary for us to provide you with the best possible experience. We use your feedback to determine what offerings stay, what offerings go, and what offerings change. Please take a moment to let us know what you thought of this crop. CLICK HERE to access our survey. We use your feedback to improve our crops.

Badges earned:

You have received lots of bonus content during this crop, but a little extra reward for your active participation in the crop can’t hurt. How many badges were you able to collect during the crop? If you have earned 20 or more badges, post your badge page to the pixels2Pages™ Community Group and fill out the submission form and you will receive the Snapshots Blueprint (featured below) designed by Kim Mannino in both 12×12 and 11×8.5 sizes. If you would prefer not to create a badge page, you may add all of your badges to a FOREVER Album and share a link on the submission form.

CLICK HERE to access the submission form.

Remember, as detailed in the welcome post, there is a new badge page/album submission process. CLICK HERE for details on sharing your badge page.  Badge pages must be posted and the submission form completed by end of day on  November 2, 2019


Bonus Badge Blueprints will be sent out once per day starting Monday, October 28, 2019 and ending Saturday, November 2, 2019. Download links will be delivered to the email address you provide when you submit your badge page.

Whether you create a badge page or a FOREVER badge album we would love for you to share it in the pixels2Pages Community.  Please use the following hashtag when you post to the community group:


Not on Facebook?

CLICK HERE to add your badge page to our FOREVER™ Collaborative Album.


Here is the Blueprint checklist for the Exclusive Blueprints:

Share your completed projects:

Once you have received your printed projects, be sure to share a picture of you with your project using the following hashtags:

#printedatFOREVER and #p2PVirtualCrops

Not a pixels2Pages Member?

Remember, if you are not a pixels2Pages™ member, now is a good time to join.  Become a member on or before November 2, 2019 and you will gain access to all of the Spooktacular Crop Freebies.  Join with a yearly membership on or before October 31, 2019 and in addition to the Spooktacular Crop freebies, you will receive 3 bonus months of Blueprints. CLICK HERE to join.


Finally, we want you to know how appreciated and valued you are. Here is another special kit, courtesy of Templates and Co. This kit is available for members and non-members. Click the image below to access your kit.  Use the following hashtag when posting using one of these kits:


Public Freebie

We also want to thank our members for their continued support. Please accept this member-only gift from Art Party to show our appreciation. Make sure you are logged in to your pixels2Pages Membership before clicking the image below. Happy Cropping! (You will only have access to this freebie if you were an active member on or before November 2, 2019.)

Member Only Freebie

CLICK HERE to collect badges for using these kits.

The Crop is not over.  Be sure to join us for the Spooktacular Wrap-Up Webinar starting  in just a few hours.  Non-members can join in on the fun streamed live to the pixels2Pages Community on Facebook.  p2P Members CLICK HERE to register and join the webinar live where you can have your questions answered live.




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27 Responses to Spooktacular Crop Wrap Up Post

  1. Lani Creely says:

    I was unable to participate in this crop, will the “snapshot” blueprint ever be available for purchase. I just love it.

  2. says:

    I have been out of the loop on my p2p account, and just realized there was a virtual crop, which I obviously missed. Is there any way to purchase the Bonus Snapshots Blueprint? I absolutely LOVE it!

  3. DeAnn Johnson says:

    I received a blueprint for the badges pages but I was under the impression that there was a blueprint coming for doing the survey, which I completed. Was I mistaken about that? I’ve not received one? Thanks for a fun and informative crop!

  4. gemofjules says:

    Love your camera, Kim. Would you ever recommend changing it’s color? If so, how, it seems involved with it’s highlights and shadowing.

    • Kim says:

      Hi Julie. I probably wouldn’t change the color. However, if you want to, you could try using color wash/color hue. If you re-filled the color, yo would need to add back the shadowing and 3D edges.

  5. CherWalker says:

    I finally found my Bonus Badge Page email in the spam folder – sorry about that!
    Thank you so much!!
    No email found re. the snapshots blueprint after I completed the survey, however.
    Thanks for a great crop. I learned a lot and I’m very grateful for all the “extras” you guys always provide for us.

  6. CherWalker says:

    I submitted the survey and my badge page but haven’t received an email or notification re. the blueprints yet…

  7. says:

    where to download the camera blueprint 6 photo

  8. Barbara Layton says:

    Also, I completed the survey. Can I get the exclusive blueprints?

  9. Barbara Layton says:

    Loved the Spooktacular Virtual Crop. I was not available to participate on Friday or Saturday but because the Crop is self-paced I was able to catch up. Really enjoyed the challenges, videos, games, etc. One suggestion-when you compose the Agenda/Virtual Agenda it would be really helpful if you included the actual name of the exercise, i.e., “Colorful Borders,” “Title Frame Up,” “Put a Hex on It.” It would make it easier to keep track of which exercises I have completed, especially for those of us who have to do the exercises on their own time. Thanks for a great Virtual Crop-learned so much and tried so many new things.

  10. Carol Cooper says:

    I’m sure you said this or posted it somewhere, but I cannot find it. The Virtual Crop blueprints are available to members as long as they maintain their membership, correct? What about the VC artwork – seems to be there is a deadline for downloading that? Thanks!

    • Kim says:

      Hi Carol,

      As long as your membership is current, you will have access to the crop Blueprints. However we STRONGLY recommend downloading and backing them up. If something happens to the membership we can’t guarantee you will be able to get them. With the virtual crop kits, you need to purchase sooner than later, the coupons do expire.

  11. ANN says:

    I did the survey. So how do I get the exclusive blueprints?

  12. If we missed registering for the wrap up webinar, can we still watch it if we are a p2p member? I have worked the church pumpkin patch all day and forgot to register 🙁
    Thanks! Nancy Stelmach

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