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13 Responses to Artisan Tip: Moving Artisan to a New Computer

  1. Marianna Wallasch says:

    I have followed all the directions on moving my content to my new computer. I have placed everything in the proper places – nothing shows up when I open Artisan. I tried add the folders to the Library. It is saying they are already there!! I’m not sure what to do!!

  2. bllaka says:

    I have Artisan installed on my new computer & I believe I have everything backed up as described in the above post. A man I spoke with from Forever support told me that I do NOT need to back up my AppData/roaming/Forever/Artisan 5 file or move it to my new computer. Not having the above post in front of me at the time, I couldn’t discuss it well with him. Can you shed some light on this for my please?

    • Jan says:

      If you want to back up your customizations, like categories, font groups, calendar lists, user dictionary, etc., you will want to back up your app data as described in THIS TIP.

      • bllaka says:

        Thanks Jan for clarifying that. My new computer is a Dell which has all the specs of the “better” choice in the recent p2P post, with a 512 SSD drive. Since there’s just that one drive, I’m wondering how much to put on it to keep it performing at its best. Should I keep everything other than the programs on EHD or maybe just projects on EHD or am I ok to put everything on that one drive & just use EHDs for backup.

  3. Natalie says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. My P2P membership more than pays for itself in many ways! I got a new computer thanks to info on specs AND managed to transfer everything and get it working! Now to try to move the content to either my D drive or an EHD…

  4. Denise Long says:

    My new Laptop will have a SSD and HD. Do I install Artisan on the SSD or HD?


  5. Stephanie Beare says:

    I am looking through the above articles, to prepare for transferring to a new computer in a few weeks. However, when I click on “Artisan Tip: Back Up Projects Using File Explorer”, I get this message:
    “You are exploring an area of that is not included in your current membership. We would love to share it with you! If you are ready for more training, inspiration, and creativity, [click here] to purchase this membership.” I am a p2P member and I am logged in… Help?

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