Now that my children are young adults, they are out in the world building their own lives. They have their own places to be that don’t always include home. Right now, for a few weeks, all my children are home! That is hard to accomplish these days! I treasure more than ever when we can all be together.

Two of my three children are home full time. My son Joey attends college in New York. While my daughter lives at home full time, she is engaged and now has another family to consider when sharing the holidays. The house is fuller not just with people, but more importantly, with the relationships that have been built over the last 22 years. From the first Christmas with our daughter Angela in 1993, to when AJ & Joey were born in 1997, our holidays have been filled with love, laughter, and the magic of memories.

The holidays didn’t truly start until the whole family was together – now it is Christmas!

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3 Responses to Everyone is Home

  1. Donna Pullan says:

    Merry Christmas Kim! Have a wonderful time and especially enjoy the time with your kids being together.

  2. Veronica Wilson says:

    Spot on, Kim. The holidays are about family and relationships, not what’s wrapped and under the tree. Your page is beautiful. Did you use a mask for the center section?

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