In April, 2017 we were traveling through northern California. We decided we were going to head to Mt. Lassen to see what we could see. My mom remembers seeing Mt. Lassen erupt in 1916! They lived in Durham, California, a tiny little town near Chico. We had lunch in a quaint little restaurant in Paradise before hitting the road to Mt. Lassen. I’m sorry we didn’t take pictures then because the town was almost destroyed in the fire of 2018. Hey, digital photos are “free” so why not take as many as possible because you just don’t know what will happen in the future! Preserve those memories!

A few miles out of town we were startled to see a little sign – Oregon City 6 miles next right. Well, we were a bit confused because we thought we were miles from home, Oregon City, Oregon and not 6 miles from home! We looked at each other and took an abrupt right! Who ever thought there was another Oregon City and it wasn’t even in Oregon!!?

Oregon City was one of the first mining camps in the county. It was established in the autumn of 1848 by a party of Oregonians who came to California. For a time, Oregon City prospered as a gold mining and supply center, and then it declined into virtual oblivion. Today the only building left is the old school house.

We meandered onward enjoying the country road. As we rounded a corner a few miles later we came upon a dirt parking lot full of cars. Whatever was this attraction? It was North Table Mountain Wildflower area! What we’d found were fields of wildflowers at the tag end of a super bloom!

Overall we had a wonderful day wandering in a circle ending up back in the same town we’d started in earlier that day, but we’ve continued to love telling our Oregon City story and enjoying our pictures over and over again!

Take a chance and wander spontaneously! 

Elaine Waldapfel

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4 Responses to Blog: Spontaneity Brings About Great Adventures by Elaine Waldapfel

  1. Sandy Norman says:

    When I was MUCH younger my family would go for Sunday drives after church. Our favorite adventures were what my dad called “Coin Flip Trips”. We would head out of the parking lot and when we got to the end of a street Dad would flip a coin. If it was heads we would turn left, tails we would turn right. We got to see a lot of places and things we would not have normally seen if we just took the same route to and from church every Sunday.
    I do that with the Girl Scouts I travel with on international adventures now. We have had the opportunity see things that are important to the people of the countries and cities we visit because we aren’t just using guide books to determine where we go and what we see.
    Next time you’re looking for something to do pull out a coin, flip it, and see where it takes you.

  2. Cindy Rold says:

    I also love spontaneous travel. It’s the serendipitous encounters and sights that often make the best memories and stories.

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