Time has flown by.  We are in a new decade and 2020 is a big year for my family.  Not only am I celebrating my 20th wedding anniversary, but my baby girl is turning 16.  You know what that means – Sweet 16 time.

I am very crafty and you definitely save lots of money by doing things yourself.  My mother, my daughter and I have several sweet 16 projects going.  At the current time, the main one is the invitations.   We had such a great time using our Cricut Machine to cut the base of the invitations.  Artisan 5 came to the rescue for the rescue. The invitation details along with the 4×6 flat and 4×6 folded card inserts were all created in Artisan. I am going to keep the story short, so I won’t get in to how we had to print the cards twice because my husband didn’t like the shadows on a photo.  We are going to talk about how in love I am with the final product.

The main photo for the 4×6 folded card needed some major editing.   There were a host of things wrong with the photo, yet it was the best option for the card.  So let’s turn lemons into lemonade and take the best option and turn it into the perfect option.  I am going to point out all the things wrong with the photo on the right.  You can see the edited version in the gallery below.

  • The number 1 is backward
    • Fix: Use Artisan 5 to copy the portion of the photo containing the “1” from one photo, use the arrange tools to flip the “1”,  attach it to a second photo, and the clone the brick wall back around the “1” to make it look seamless.
  • The numbers have reflection of a green screen backdrop that was hanging on a rail nearby.
    • Fix: Use the paint and blur tools to coat the green with rose gold color.
  • The balloon pushed the backdrop backward making it totally unnatural
    • Fix: Use the custom cutter to extract my daughter from the photo, use the clone tool to clone the bricks without a warp from being pushed back with the balloon, cut away the floor, and add a stock photo baseboard and floor (since the cloning required me to remove the balloons).  I also had to apply a custom shadow to my daughter’s body that was removed during my cloning process.
  • During the food break, by daughter dropped barbecue sauce on her pants.
    • Fix: Clone tool to clone away the spot.
  • The photo is a bit dark
    • Fix: Perfectly clear and slight adjustments to the midtones using the Brightness button.

I was so amazed at what I was able to achieve with Artisan 5.  Things that you could only imagine being done using Photoshop.  I ordered my cards from the FOREVER Print Shop using FOREVER’s amazing Black Friday discounts and gift cards.  They came out just perfect.


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9 Responses to Blog: Sweet 16 Invitation Madness

  1. Nandini Trehan says:

    Tameka, You are a flawless perfect mum!!!

  2. Mary Ann Mathis says:

    Just so you know, in another 20 years you won’t see any of those photo flaws!

  3. Terry Vachowski says:

    This came out so beautiful, just like your daughter! Thanks for sharing the process with us!

  4. Joanne Rooney says:

    I would love to see a video of your editing in progress, so beautiful!

  5. Tameka…when I first looked at photo of your beautiful daughter, didn’t see anything! Then I read your post! I love the CLONE function so much in Artisan too! I just used the clone tool to fix my granddaughter’s kindergarten shirt that had a long watermark on it because she used the water fountain just before school pictures were taken! My daughter loved that I fixed it! Artisan is so AMAZING! Your invitations are absolutely beautiful!

  6. Janice Phillips says:

    Wow! Awesome job, Tameka! I thinks that your prep work will be as much fun as the big day!

  7. Ann Marie says:

    OMG Tameka, not only is your daughter stunning, but your edit magic is amazing. You must have the patience of a saint and the hands of a surgeon. Happy Birthday to your precious baby girl.

  8. Cindy Rold says:

    You did so much work to make these invitations as beautiful as your daughter. She is lucky to have you.

  9. Linda Officer says:

    THAT was really cool….I think the clone tool is probably my favorite tool in all of Artisan. I love the Invites that you made (so pretty and elegant) Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, BTW.

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