We hope you have gotten lots of pages completed so far and we want to give you another opportunity to create pages.  Artisan can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be.  We want you to take a moment to go the ultra simple route.  Gather a bunch of photos that are either entirely random or are from one event.  You are going to use those photos to create a page using a pre-designed book.  That’s right-An entire book! (21 pages or more.)  The informal video below gives a simple overview of creating a pre-designed book.

  • Create a book project using pre-designed pages/pre-designed books.
  • Add photos to your project either during or after the creation of your project (I prefer after.).
  • Do not edit the page.  We know it’s hard.
  • If a template doesn’t suit your needs, simply change the template.
  • Fill your book with photos.
  • Add journaling to your book and have fun with fonts.
  • K.I.S.S. – Keep it simple sweetheart!

After you create your book, post a few of  your pages to the pixels2Pages Community.  Let us know how long it took you to create the book and how you feel about doing a pre-designed book.  You can win your choice of exclusive Blueprint when you post your pages.

Pages must be posted on or before January 31, 2020 using the following hashtag:


We also have a collaborative album where you can share your pages. CLICK HERE to share your Pages. This is perfect for those of you who may not be on Facebook. Please make sure to credit your layout before adding them to the album. THIS TIP will show you how to add the credits to your image.


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8 Responses to UFO Crop Activity: Predesigned Pages

  1. joyeful@comcast.net says:

    Dear Pixies,
    I find myself frustrated when I reach the end of a book but need more pages. Is there a way to add on an entire book or do I have to add the pages painstakingly one at a time? Thanks for your time.

  2. Janice Deboski says:

    I am a returning P2p member and I’m searching for the monthly blueprints which I’m guessing are presented in a different location than since I was last a member. Are there monthly blueprints? and where do I locate them? Thanks

  3. S Engle says:

    Thank you Pixies for this super challenging challenge! I read it and thought NO WAY!
    Well, I managed to do 17 pages of the family Christmas album (not journaled yet – I do that last) with CM’s Noel PDP, in about 6 hours. I wouldn’t have believed it. Can’t finish it yet as I ran out of free time, but I will. And I will certainly repeat this challenge on more of my backlog. P.S. It took me longer than most perhaps because I had to change photo arrangements, orientation and # of photos on most pages to keep photo groups together. But I didn’t change the page designs or order of pages. THANKS AGAIN FOR A FANTASTIC CHALLENGE!

  4. Karen Pritchard says:

    There doesn’t seem to be a badge for this one in the badge album!

  5. Veronica Wilson says:

    I have used the pre-designed books previously and they are super easy. People are so amazed that the pages are different but yet all have a cohesive look. If you want to mix it up a bit you can change the templates to ones from another book design, I did that when I had several different events in a long weekend celebration. Another way Pixels2Pages helps you to get it done.

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