My heart has always been in two places…the USA and Italy. My grandpa was an Italian immigrant to the United States of America.  In 1912, Grandpa came to this country with his family as a young boy.  The stories from his family are captivating: how my great grandparents immigrated to Brazil first and had their first born son there, how my great grandmother actually was pregnant and had a child at sea on the way back to Italy, how my great grandfather came to America by himself and then returned three years later to bring his wife and five children to America, one of which was my grandpa.  My people made a courageous decision to leave a beautiful country for a better life in another place far away – not once but twice!

In 1980, my grandpa returned to his homeland and took photos of the village where he was born. He shared how the church was still the same and that the town folk welcomed him as a son returning home.

In 2019, my nephew went to my grandfather’s village and took photos of the different parts of the village, including the town square.  In the photos from my grandfather, I found the same square.  Google Maps enabled me to “walk” to that exact piazza. I decided to create this page using all three photos.   In 2021, I will be able to add my own photos of the town when my sister and I visit!


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4 Responses to Blog: Homeland by Francine Napolitano Holland

  1. says:

    Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a great story filled with lots of history!

  3. Sandy Norman says:

    What a wonderful story. I have photos like that from when I lived in Italy in 1969, when my brother went back in the early 1980’s while he was in the navy, and a Google photo from a couple years ago. I may have to put something similar to your page together to share with my brother and sister.

  4. Avril Lawson says:

    Wonderful story Francine – I love it. It is fascinating to follow your ancestors. You must be excited about your trip next year.

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