I’m sure we all have those projects we know we have to work on( scrapbooking or otherwise) … and we mean to do it, but things just seem to get in the way.

I had (notice I said HAD!) one such project that had been weighing on my mind for several years.

I have 2 daughters who are 15 months apart in age. When the first one finished Primary school I finished her digital StoryBook, as it was at that time, in the December of that year when she finished Primary school and managed to give her the completed book before she started high school in the January. Go me!

Then in the next 12 months my computer crashed; my photos went every which where, my Memory Manager went to Timbuktu apparently and CM folded. So, you know where this is going right – yes, indeed.

My youngest daughter did not get her Primary school book at the end of that 12 months when she finished Primary school – she did not get it before she started high school in the January…or even before she finished high school 6 years later.

When Artisan and Forever first came on the scene I enthusiastically embraced their arrival immediately, but still that Primary school book was on the back burner. I was so disillusioned at the awful mess that my previous photos had become and I no longer knew where most of them had ended up it was just easier to move onto new projects, but there was still a feeling of guilt in the back of my conscience telling me I really needed to get that project done.

When I had originally been preparing to do her book I had scanned certificates and pieces of art work and photographed medals she received, etc., so I knew it was going to be a big job to retrieve everything again.

My daughter was now in 3rd year of University – I told myself that I really needed to finish this darn book before she graduates from Uni!

So just bite the bullet and do it – make it my number one priority – do not do any other projects!!!

I have spent the last 3 months pulling archive boxes out of cupboards, undoing display books from my bookshelves, and hunting through lots of old flash drives and EHDs to find all the precious memorabilia and photographs needed.

We don’t have Forever Media Conversion over here in Australia so that has taken me some time to sort and scan what I have wanted to add.

But on Christmas Eve I uploaded her Primary School book to get printed!

The feeling of relief is immense – the guilt is gone! And I even have some inspiration to get back to reorganizing the mess that my photos became. Baby steps! I can do this!!

As of right now, her book hasn’t yet arrived in my hot little hands, but I have my fingers crossed that it is everything I have been hoping for since the end of 2011 when she finished Primary School!!


PS: Well, the book arrived. I had ordered 2 copies of it. One for us to keep and one for her. We had had to wait to celebrate Christmas until January 12 this year (2020) which was when we were able to get together as a family.  She opened the package and saw THE BOOK .. the smile on her face, the light in her eyes…  The two of us spent an hour or so later in the day looking through it together and quietly talking about the memories it unveiled. I had the best time!
I’m sorry that it took me so long to get it done, but what an accomplishment. Now, I’ve made myself a chart of other projects to finish, too!.

I’m excited!

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24 Responses to Blog: Time to Convert by Jill Sterrick

  1. marthaallengodin@gmail.com says:

    Appreciate that someone else had so much trouble getting the Primary School albums finished! I finished one for my younger son last spring — just before he graduated from high school. And then I completed his older brother’s — before he finishes university this spring. And I agree that finding everything you’ve scanned is a bother, but it really makes the album.

  2. Nathalie says:

    What a great story! And I could connect on so many levels: my boys are 24 months apart. One has a completed baby book and the other, well… These books are traditional and all my stock has been in storage for over 7 years. I will finally have a dedicated space to rekindle with these in the very near future. Good job on the organising of all those memories. It sure is the biggest hurdle for most.

  3. Narelle Hunt says:

    Great work Jill, those Family Albums are so worth the effort. As much as I love our Travel Albums it’s the Family Albums of kids and grandkids that the Family love the most.

  4. Wanda Brown says:

    I can totally relate and that is my biggest project right now is to work on the old stuff of mine, my Mom’s and my Mother in law’s. The last year I have been working diligently and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My Forever storage account is better organized than ever and I have made good use of Forever media conversion plus made many books along the way!

    • Jill Sterrick says:

      Awesome Wanda! I wish we could make use of Media Conversion. Maybe they’ll get that and a local printer Down Under at sometime in the future? But until then…baby steps…one step at a time. Good luck with your Mum’s and Mother-in-law’s stuff. You can do it!!

  5. Sandy Norman says:

    I have a couple “started but unfinished projects” to complete but always put them on the back burner whenever something new comes along. With all the craziness going on in the world right now I am feeling the need to get at least some of these projects completed. And since there seems to be plenty of time, I’m putting together my list to get started.
    Stay safe and keep scrapping the stories.

    • Jill Sterrick says:

      Only a couple Sandy??!! Wish I could say that!! Lol. Maybe that IS the silver lining to this covid-19…we’re getting more time to scrap! Although on that front nothing has changed for me here… yet…other than can’t buy toilet paper!!! Get that list put together and start ticking boxes!!

  6. newenglander6@yahoo.com says:

    Congrats on getting it done. Awesome story.

  7. Janice Phillips says:

    Way to go! It can be hard enough to do a current book, but to slog through all of the different media from years back, to put one together, kudos to you! You’re an inspiration to all.

  8. karen heath says:

    Love it. I reckon that conscience had a name or 3 so proud that you finally got it finished and it looks fantastic. I too have a list of projects that need to be done.. baby steps

    • Jill Sterrick says:

      Thanks Karen! Now you’ll have to find something else to be my conscience about!! ha ha ha! I was very pleased to finally be able to show you the book too – after all that time! And I was really glad you thought it was good! Whew!! We will continue to work through our lists together!

  9. Bridget Clay says:

    I loved your story. Brings back so many memories when I had that same “guilt” over my son’s senior book. When I finally finished it was a HUGE accomplishment.

  10. Cathy Finney says:

    So, glad you got it done. I felt that way about a project I wanted to do for my son’s 3 week, 7 countries trip to Europe. My computer crashed. Luckly, I had a shadow copy with 26,000 plus pictures “all filed” on it. But was unable to get it loaded onto my new smaller computer, and get to his picture files I had made. I was so disheartened, I left it on it’ EHD for 5 years. Knowing my pictures where there, but unable to get to them. All along the way, wanting to get to those pictures to make his book. Fast forward 5 years… new computer, larger drives… I promised myself I would get my shadow drive onto the Histroian Program. Took me 2 -3 days of reading articals in P2p on how to do it. I then tried it, taking a couple of hours. Figuring, I have nothing to lose at this point. I was very happy to see when it was finished, that the shadow copy had downloaded onto my computer into Historian. All in the old completed files I had my pictures in. I found my son’s Europe trip pictures, I can now compete his book. I know the joy you are feeling!

  11. Ola Otto says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, Jill Sterrick. I, too, have a child’s book to do, and he turns 40 this May.

  12. adakallen says:

    That brought tears to my eyes!
    Congratulations on completion!
    I know how these books, that I do, effect the little ones!

  13. Lindie says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. I am so glad you were able to complete the project and that your daughter was happy to get it. How exciting to be able to complete this. Congratulations.

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