Dear p2P Members,

I am writing to follow up with you on the actions we are taking concerning the Covid-19 pandemic. Please also view the video I recorded this evening (above).

As you all know, many things have happened in the 72 hours since I wrote to you last. In the wake of President Trump’s declaration of a national emergency in the United States on Friday afternoon, the U.S. Government Centers for Disease Control (CDC) on Sunday promulgated a strong recommendation that “for the next 8 weeks, organizers cancel or postpone in-person events that consist of 50 people or more throughout the United States.” In addition, the Governors of Pennsylvania, Illinois, and many other states have closed schools and all sit-down bars and restaurants for at least the next two weeks, and asked all organizations and businesses to close down (or stay open only by implementing contingency plans — like having most people work from home). All of this is in an effort to “de-densify” concentrations of people so that we collectively slow the spread of the Covid-19 disease. Finally, I learned that anyone who travels outside Canada and then returns to Canada is now required by the Canadian government to undergo mandatory health screening followed by a 14-day quarantine. Governments are taking these actions and more in an effort to reduce the number of people who become infected with the Covid-19 virus so that hospitals and health systems do not become overwhelmed by people who become severely ill from the virus. Clearly, Covid-19 is an “Act of God” that makes it impossible for FOREVER and other businesses to conduct in-person gatherings and events in the coming weeks — and perhaps months.

As we were all hearing this news over the weekend, growing numbers of our community members and leaders contacted me indicating that they did not feel comfortable attending in-person events over the next two months and that they recommended we cancel our upcoming in-person events. (BTW, most of us have never lived through a time like this when big things have changed so quickly day to day.)

The result of all this is that we have decided to cancel the in-person components of our upcoming FOREVER Ambassador Accelerate Events, and we have decided to postpone the in-person components of our Pixels2Pages 10th Birthday Celebration. Please read the details on each below. At the end of this email, I will also comment on other future in-person events and our overall approach to this crisis at FOREVER.

Upcoming Ambassador Accelerate Events

We have decided to cancel our in-person Ambassador Accelerate events in the Chicago area on March 27-28, and in the Philadelphia area on April 3-4. Hotel reservations for Ambassadors who were planning to attend are being canceled at no charge to the Ambassador and we will provide a FOREVER gift certificate worth $109 to each Ambassador who paid $109 for a ticket to attend.

That is the bad news. The good news is that we are going to conduct a special Virtual Ambassador Accelerate Training Event from noon to 3 pm Eastern Time (9am to noon Pacific) on Saturday, April 4th. Instructors for this special live video training event will include FOREVER Senior Executive Ambassadors Marianna Curran and Sheri Meissner. If you are a FOREVER Ambassador and you want to learn how to connect with people to build your FOREVER business during the current crisis and any time beyond, then you do not want to miss this important training event. The cost to participate live and or to receive access to a copy of the video later, is only $29.99. You can sign up starting right now all the way up to April 4th here.

Pixels2Pages 10th Birthday Celebration

It is very painful for all of us to postpone the in-person portion of this terrific 10th Birthday Celebration, but as I described above, Covid-19 is no one’s fault. It is an “Act of God” and we have no choice. That being said, here is what we are going to do.

  1. We are going to carry on with our Virtual 10th Anniversary Celebration led by our fabulous team of Pixies and the one and only Tameka Bond. Tameka and the Pixies will follow up directly with Pixels2Pages members to provide more details, but everyone who has already paid for the in-person celebration or the virtual celebration (that was going to be a companion to the in-person event, but now is the main thing), is welcome and encouraged to attend. In addition, if you never purchased a ticket for either the in-person or virtual event, then you can still buy your virtual ticket here.
  1. We are going to host a fabulous, in-person (and virtual) “Pixels2Pages 10th Birthday Party Plus One” In 2021. I do not have details at this time, but if you purchased a full, in-person event ticket for our now postponed 2020 event, you do not need to pay any more for our 2021 “10th Plus One” party. You are already in!  Dates, location and more details will follow.

Future Events

We have additional in-person events scheduled for May, June, and July. Obviously, May events are more “at risk” right now then July events. But, we will keep you informed in the days, weeks, and months ahead.

FOREVER During the Covid-19 Crisis

As you know, is the one and only place on the internet where you and your family can save, organize, and share all your memories now and for many generations into the future — guaranteed. My team and I are here building FOREVER into a great permanent institution because your memories are worth preserving. We are here for you now during this economic, social, and health crisis, and we will be with you and your family for generations into the future. That is our calling and this is our mission.

We can see that the weeks and months ahead are going to be difficult for everyone, and very, very difficult for some. During this time as always, we are here to serve you and your families. Please do not hesitate to call on us or any of our Ambassadors to help you with any of your memory keeping.

In closing, I pray that God will protect all of us and our families in every way (physically, mentally, etc.) during this difficult time.

Warm Regards and Be Safe,


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