The celebration continues!

A Gift for You

Jan McCallum has created a book full of Artisan tips and tricks especially for you!  It’s an 8×8″ softcover book called Scrap Hacks.  In case you’re wondering, this version is different from the Scrap Hacks breakout that was presented at FOREVER Live Phoenix and at p2P LIVE events.  All you have to do is click HERE, add the book to your cart, add any applicable coupon codes (like HOMESAFE, CLUB5, and SHIPHOME or INTLHOME, if your order is large enough), and check out.  There is still time to order from the FOREVER Store and get the book in time for the Birthday Bash.  The book is available to anyone, p2P member or not, even if you’re not coming to the Birthday Bash.  Feel free to share the link or to buy multiple copies.  But speaking of not coming to the Birthday Bash  – why would you want to miss all of those goodies?

Birthday bash tickets and T-shirts are still available!

If you have not yet gotten your Birthday Bash ticket, there is still time.  Tickets are still available on the FOREVER Events page.   Please note that while the crop is available to the public, most of the crop offerings are not.   Even if you can’t join us for the live training, get your ticket today to gain access to goodies and the recordings.

If you’ll be cropping with us, we want to hear from you. What questions do you have for your favorite FOREVER Store Designers?  CLICK HERE to submit your question.

Here is a what has been released so far, and there is more to come.  Look closely and you may even get a sneak peak of the DPS Blueprints that have not yet been released!

T-shirts are still on sale through the end of the month.  While you may not receive them in time for the Birthday Bash, you will still be able to wear these super comfy limited edition T-shirts.

Share the Pixie Love!

We would love to hear your thoughts about pixels2Pages, what it’s meant to you and how you use it.  Please add your birthday wishes (video, photo or digital card) to our collaborative album as we celebrate the entire month of April!

In honor of our birthday, we are asking everyone to flood the pixels2Pages Community with Globes.  If you have never created a globe, don’t worry, the training is available to the public.  CLICK HERE to access the public training.  Last year for our 9th Birthday, we shared some templates with variations of the globe.  If you are a p2P Member or Birthday Bash Ticket Holder, you can still access those templates along with the training HERE.


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17 Responses to Playing Happy Birthday again, with a gift for YOU! (SCRAP HACKS A-Z)

  1. Karen Zink says:

    Worked beautifully, Thank you!!

  2. Lisa Graham says:

    On my iPad I was able to click on “HERE”, hold it down for a bit which brought up the option to copy it and then I pasted the link in to my browser…that took me to Jan’s book. Hope that helps!

  3. Jean Mallett says:

    How do I find where current coupon codes are and can I use any? I am not a P2P member but did pay for the virtual birthday bash.

  4. Katie Cassetta says:

    Same issue. Clicking “here” takes my to my own storage account. Tried on both phone & iPad.

  5. Ola Otto says:

    I am using my phone not laptop. Would that make a difference??

  6. Ola Otto says:

    I am having same problem as Barbara Layton. When I click on the word “here”, it takes me to my library, with the picture of cover showing.

    • Jan says:

      Are you sure it doesn’t take you to my account? That’s what it should be, with the cover showing and the pages down at the bottom. Then there is a green ‘add to cart’ button top center. Click that to add it to your cart.

  7. Mickey says:

    If this is being repeated I apologize as I am not sure my first question went through. If I am a p2P member and purchased a virtual ticket to the Birthday Bash, is the book free. If so what code do I put in when I order the book.

  8. Cathy Curl says:

    Link for the book is not working

    • Jan says:

      Hmmm. It worked for me just now, Cathy. Are you clicking the word ‘HERE’ in the post? It should take you to the project in my (Jan McCallum’s) FOREVER account. From there, click the green ‘Add to cart’ button, then check out as usual.

  9. Barbara Layton says:

    I tried to order the Scrap Hacks A-Z and when I clicked where it says HERE it took me to my forever storage account not to the forever store.

    • Jan says:

      Are you sure it didn’t take you to my FOREVER account? That’s what it should do…it does not take you to the store. You should see a preview of the Scrap Hacks album project. At the top of the page is a green ‘Add to cart’ button. After clicking that, you’ll be on the order/check out page.

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