Rabbit Rabbit!

Summer is nearly here in North America.  All around the world, many of us are looking forward to getting out and doing scrapbookable things as the COVID-19 restrictions are eased.  The p2P Team is here to help you preserve all of your precious moments.

FOREVER Promotions for June 2020

We have some incredible deals and savings for you. pixels2Pages has a special membership promo for the month of June 2020.  All new yearly p2P members will get a $25 coupon good for p2P Branded Digital Art.

All Black Friday in may deals have been extended and Christmas in June will start right after Black Friday ends.

Flyer to be added soon.  In the meantime, CLICK HERE to view the deals.


Join us for our very first virtual FOREVER Live! event from July 24-26, 2020! We’ll be hosting the event from our Home Office in Pittsburgh, PA, but we look forward to seeing participants from all over the world! Hundreds of FOREVER Ambassadors, Club Members, and clients will gather online to connect, learn, and celebrate their memories together. Attendance includes training, perks, giveaways and MORE!

You will not want to miss this event.  The pixels2Pages Team will be there and ready to party.  CLICK HERE to purchase your ticket.

pixels2Pages Quarterly Crop


Our next quarterly crop coincides with FOREVER Live weekend.  There will be two parts of our crop.

The first part of our Crop is exclusively for FOREVER Live ticket holders. You do not need to be a p2P Member to participate in this part of the crop, but a membership is recommended. On Friday, July 24, 2020 and again on Saturday, July 25, 2020 from 10pm until 2am Eastern we will have plenty of fun.  Some of the planned activities are page creation contests where you can win digital art and mystery page contests.  We will also revisit some of our most popular offerings and put a new spin on things.  We don’t want to reveal all of the fun, but there will be some special guests planned for each evening.

To make this party extra fun, we have  some new exclusive p2P Swag.  This t-shirt was designed specifically for the After-Dark party and everyone wearing an After Dark t-shirt during our crop activities will be entered to win  a special prize.  Click the image below to purchase your special edition tee.

FOREVER Live! 2020 pixels2Pages Party After Dark Unisex Short Sleeve Heather Jersey Tee

CLICK HERE to view all new FOREVER swag and bundles.

the second part of our Crop weekend beginsOn Sunday, July 26, 2020 starting at the close of FOREVER Live, the pixels2Pages Team will switch over to our p2P Member-only Training Event.  We will have a live training module, challenges, Blueprints and Freebies.  Don’t worry.  You will be able to crop through Sunday August 2, 2020 to earn badges and prizes.

We are planning an amazing weekend.  The only way to have access to it all is to be a pixels2Pages member and to have a FOREVER Live ticket.  We hope you will join us.


Scrap Hacks related offerings.

Did you get a copy of our 8×8 softcover Scrap Hacks book during our Birthday Crop?  Well if you did, and if you are a pixels2Pages member, we have released a post with related offerings.  CLICK HERE to visit the post containing links to a number of videos, Tips, Challenges and Resources covering each of our hacks.

While the offerings are not available to the public, the Scrap Hacks book is.  CLICK HERE if you would like to view or purchase a copy of Scrap Hacks 2.

May Posts

Now let’s see what was posted on p2P last month – click HERE to see everything posted on pixels2Pages™ in June.

June Calendar

Stay up to date on what’s coming this month thanks to Anne’s beautiful and detailed calendar.   We encourage you to download and print the calendar each month to help you keep track of all that’s available to you.  Consider printing this calendar in black and white if ink usage is an issue for you.


2020/2021 Live Events Calendar

p2P LIVE! events are coordinated and sponsored by local Ambassadors and hosts, and space is generally limited. Our 2020 Calendar is starting to fill quickly.   If you are interested in attending or hosting a pixels2Pages LIVE Event near you, send an email to info@pixels2pages.net.

Note: Generally each p2P Trainer will do no more than two events per month, and we try to limit events to two per weekend.  If you are considering hosting an event, the sooner you contact us about it, the better.

2020/2021 Schedule of Events

  • p2P LIVE! June 5-7, 2020, Birmingham, Alabama. Trainer: Tameka Bond; Host: Fran Smitherman VIRTUAL ONLY
  • p2P LIVE! August 28-30, 2020, Sacramento, California. Trainer: Kim Mannino; Host: Cynthia Mateos
  • p2P LIVE! September 11-13, 2020, New Orleans, Louisiana.  Trainer: Jan McCallum; Host: Connie Falati
  • p2P LIVE! September 18-19, 2020, Essex, ON Canada; Trainer: Tameka Bond; Host; Kathy Gordon VIRTUAL ONLY
  • p2P LIVE! October 2-5, 2020, Knoxville, Tennessee.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Host: Michele Sizemore
  • p2P LIVE! October 9-11, 2020, Hillsdale, Michigan.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Host: Sheri Caulkins
  • p2P LIVE! October 9-11, 2020, St. Louis, MO; Trainer: Mary Browder; Hosts; Sherry Kneemiller and Robyn Foss
  • p2P LIVE! October 16-18, 2020, San Diego, California. Trainer: Kim Mannino; Host: Jenny Lynn Campbell
  • p2P LIVE! October 16-18, 2020, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Trainer Mary Browder; Host: Lisa Kirkley
  • p2P LIVE! October 16-18, 2020, Syracuse, New York.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Hosts: Julie Calhoun and Lori Funden
  • p2P LIVE! October  23-25, 2020 Chester, Connecticut.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Host: Tammy Jo Kirby
  • p2P LIVE! October 30-November 1, 2020, Cambridge, ON Canada.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Host: Michelle Wolfe VIRTUAL ONLY
  • p2P LIVE! November 6-8, 2020. Morgan Hill, California. Trainer: Kim Mannino; Host: Karen Fitting (Registration Details)
  • p2P LIVE! November 6-8, 2020, Sterling, Virginia.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Host: Barrie Perrottino
  • p2P LIVE! November 13-15, 2020, Lilburn, Georgia.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Host: Donna Gibbs
  • p2P LIVE! January 15-17 2021, Sebring, FL.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Hosts: Cindy Swilley (Tentative Date)
  • p2P LIVE! January 22-23, 2021, Windsor, ON Canada.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Hosts: Kathy Gordon VIRTUAL ONLY
  • p2P LIVE! February 19-21, 2021, Helen, Georgia; Trainer: Tameka Bond; Host: Donna Gibbs, Michele Sizemore and Martha Harris
  • p2P LIVE! February 25-28, 2021, Tampa, Florida.  Trainer: Tameka Bond; Hosts: Carol Cooper and Mary Holbin
  • p2P LIVE! April 30 – May 2, 2021, Welches, Oregon (Mt Hood). Trainer: Mary Browder; Host: Pam Winn


Pages Magazine and other pixels2Pages publications

Here is the last issue of Pages Magazine.  Please make sure you download all of your freebies by January 31, 2020.

There are lots of goodies for members and non-members. Did you know that we have lots of completed albums created by the pixels2Pages team on our Issuu site? They are there to inspire you so be sure to check them out while you’re looking at Pages magazine.


p2P e-Newsletter

The pixels2Pages team does not send out regular newsletters.  All of our communication to you is done via news posts like this one.

Are you on our e-news mailing list? We send updates when we have them – click HERE to subscribe to that list – and, we have a series of emails that we send to new pixels2Pages members. If you have trouble finding your way around the p2P website, I encourage you to consider asking to be added to this email series. Click HERE to subscribe to the new member email series.

Please note that we are no longer sending out weekly e-newsletters.  We send them out when we have specific information to share.


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4 Responses to Rabbit, Rabbit June 2020

  1. Laura Johnson says:

    Every time I read Rabbit Rabbit, I get excited all over again about ALL you offer to us each month. When I look at Anne’s calendar with so many activities and think of all the resources at our fingertips here on the website, it is truly overwhelming. I don’t know how you gals keep coming up with new ideas! THANK YOU for the great value you give us with our membership. The ticket price for the birthday bash was really a bargain so I know the Live event will be fantastic, too! (I’m secretly glad it is virtual since I couldn’t attend in person)

  2. Toni McDonnell says:

    So please clarify – Is the quarterly crop, which used to be a part of our paid membership, now shifted, and is now going to be a paid function? Is the crop on Sunday that coincides with the Forever LIVE Event, one that we must paid for, or is Sunday free for P2P members?

    When are the FREE quarterly crops for 2020? In the past( like in 2019), they were in Feb, May, July, and Oct.). It seems like these crops are going by the wayside, and we are being asked to pay for them outside our membership benefits.

    If this is what is trending, can we expect a reduction in the P2P membership fee? This seems reasonable, as some people may prefer access to info site only, without the quarterly crops, or even the free blueprints.

    • Tameka says:

      Incorrect Toni. Members are still getting the usual crop which would have been a light crop just like it was last July. Our light crop was a 1 day crop in 2019 and that is what you are getting this time at the close of FOREVER live. All crop member-only freebies will be given out to members only on Sunday during our Crop.

      The pixels2Pages Team is always a part of FOREVER Live. This FOREVER live will be no different. If you want to participate in what we do at FOREVER live, you will need to have a FOREVER live ticket, as always. Also, as usual, you do not need to be a p2P Member to participate in anything we do at FOREVER Live.

      This year our crop happens to be on the same weekend as FOREVER Live, so any major parts of our crop start at the conclusion of FOREVER Live. You can choose not to purchase a FOREVER Live Ticket and just join us on the Sunday for the member-only portion of our crop. If you are not a member, you can get a FOREVER Live ticket and join us for some fun activities. If you want access to it all, you need to be a member and have a FOREVER Live ticket as I explained in this post.

      Just to be clear: Crops were NEVER part of the membership. They are a bonus/a perk to membership. At any time we can discontinue having crops and that does not reduce what you are getting in your paid membership. Your paid membership includes Membership Offerings – Tips, Videos, Bright Ideas and Blueprint. With limited resources, our main focus is to make sure we continue to provide membership offerings. Crops, Pages Magazine, and bonus art are all perks of membership and can be discontinued or made public at any time. Pages Magazine has already been discontinued and we introduced light crops a year ago so that we can still manage membership offerings, but also give our members some added bonuses.

  3. Sharon Eash says:

    Thanks for all the great news!

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