The party doesn’t stop.  For many of you joining us for this Crop, you are cropping after dark.  Since this crop coincides with FOREVER Live, it will be more relaxed with time to create with the fabulous goodies you will receive. All of the offerings are designed to get you going.


Please read through this entire post carefully.  We recommend that you scroll down to review it all; then, if you need to come back for details, you can click the following links to go straight to the section you need:

After Dark Crop Agenda

We make it super easy for you to know when a crop offering will post by creating an interactive agenda.  The interactive agenda is complete with links that activate at the time the offering is released.   No need to search for the latest crop offering, just click the image below to go to the agenda and then keep the link handy.

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Collaborative Albums

FOREVER Collaborative Albums are a great way to share your pages.  During the crop, the pixels2Pages community is engaged and sharing in the pixels2Pages Community Facebook group.  We encourage you to visit, share your creations, and comment on other people’s creations.  We also encourage you to share your pages in our FOREVER Collaborative albums.  The collaborative albums allow you to share and view sample pages in an organized way.  Even if you share to our Facebook group, we encourage you to add your pages to the collaborative album as well.  This is also a great way for those of you who are not on Facebook to see pages and share your pages. CLICK HERE or the image below to access the collaborative album for this virtual crop.

Before you add your images to a collaborative album, please make sure you credit the kits, kit designers, fonts and offerings you have used.  This will allow others who are inspired by your pages to know what you used to create them.  Once you have added your pages to our collaborative album, you will not be able to edit the details, so it is important that you do this in advance.   You can do this in one of two ways:

  • Save your page to your desktop.  Right click the image, go to properties and then go to details.  Type your credits in the Comments section then click OK.  You can now upload your image to the Collaborative album by clicking the green upload button shown in the image below.  p2P Members click HERE to see a tip that details this method of adding information to your image.
  • Upload your image to your own FOREVER account.  Edit the details on the page while it is in your account.  Then click the link to our collaborative album.  Click the “Add From Library” button to bring a copy of the image with credits from your FOREVER Account into the Collaborative Album.

Please note that any pages posted in our Collaborative albums may be used in pixels2Pages Galleries, social media pages, and Pages magazine.  Pages without credits will not be featured elsewhere.

After you have visited our collaborative album once, it is easy to revisit the collaborative album time and time again right from your FOREVER Account.  Click on the Albums tab and there will be an “Shared Albums I’ve Visited” link.   Click the link and you will see the Collaborative Album.

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We are trying something new this time – we are making ALL badges available at the start of the crop.  You will still see helpful links to the badges on each offering, but we thought this may make it easy for you to select what you need when you need it.   In the past we did not release all of the badges because we wanted to have an element of surprise; however, we heard many requests to have badges in advance and all in one place.  You are still on the honor system for badge collection – please download and use only the badges you earn.  Click the image below to access all of the badges for this crop.

You can select multiple badges or choose them one at a time to download or copy to your FOREVER library.  [NOTE: if you download multiple images at once, they will download in a zipped folder.]  At the end of the crop, we encourage you to create a page showcasing your accomplishments.  If you prefer not to create a page, you can create a FOREVER Album, add the badges you earned to it.  See instructions below to share your badge album.


New Badge Submission Process

Everyone who earns 20 or more badges and submits a badge page or shares a badge album will earn an exclusive Blueprint.  We have a new process for badge page submissions.  You must follow this process to claim and receive your Blueprint.

You will need to share the link to your badge album from your FOREVER Badge album by clicking on the “Share Album” button and copying the link (do not simply copy the browser URL),

or you can click your Badge page that is posted in the pixels2Pages Community Facebook Group.  Once the badge page is opened on your screen, copy the browser URL.

Once you have the link, CLICK HERE to submit a link to your badge album/pageThis is the only way you will receive your bonus Blueprints.   Badge pages must be submitted by end of day on August 2, 2020.  Blueprints will be sent out once per day starting Monday, July 27, 2020.

We work on the honor system at pixels2Pages.  You do not need to post every page that you create, but please do not collect badges that you have not earned.

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The Bingo Card Template is a great resource that can get you motivated to try new things and complete more pages, so we are giving you the Bingo Card template at the beginning of the crop.

Spell PIXIE by filling any horizontal row. Spell MAGIC by filling any vertical column or spell PIXIE MAGIC by filling any diagonal rows. Every Pixie Magic Bingo Card posted to the pixels2Pages™ Community Facebook group  or posted in the Games Collaborative Album will be entered into a random draw for a free digital art kit. Bingo pages must be posted by end of day August 2, 2020.

Click the image below to download your Bingo template.  Your Bingo badge is included in the Badges album.


Non-members can click the image below the download the bingo card. Unzip the folder and import the template into a project.


Use the following hashtag when posting your page:



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Cropping with a Team/Raffles

At every p2P virtual crop, participants are encouraged to crop together as a team using a team hashtag and posting their pages in the pixels2Pages Facebook Community.  At the end of the crop, a page is randomly selected and the person who created the page, along with their entire team, wins an exclusive Blueprint collection!  Due to the fact that this is a shorter crop, we do not have an entire Blueprint Collection to give.  We have one new Exclusive Blueprint (p2P Blueprint Hey There Cupcake! featured below).  However, the person who creates the winning team page will be able to choose 2 additional previously released exclusive Blueprints from our exclusive Blueprint bank.   Our exclusive Blueprints are not available in the FOREVER Store and are not distributed in any other way.

Page by Tameka | p2P Blueprint Hey Cupcake, #p2PHeyCupcakeBP | Sugar Kisses Scrap Kit from Designs by Laura Burger | Fonts: Bernard MT Condensed, Playbill, Photograph Signature, Century Gothic

Remember, it is easy to win and crop with a team.  Just create a team hashtag and use that hashtag in the credits every time you post a page in the pixels2Pages Community.



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Our Gift To You

We always kick off the crop with an exclusive gift for our pixels2Pages™ members. This After Dark Crop was created especially for everyone who participates in this crop.  This kit is full of fabulous options for your pages, it’s lots of fun and flexible enough to be used in most any  project. This kit is a $14.95 value, but members will get it FREE  by using promo code:  AFTERDARKKIT    You must be a member on or before August 2, 2020, if you were a member but did not download your kit before the promo code was deactivated, please email us at )   Your Bingo Card is included in this kit.  Non-members can click the same link to purchase this kit. 


p2P Members must use  promo code: AFTERDARKKIT in order to get this kit for free.  

If you have cancelled your membership, this code will not work for you.


We have not forgotten about our friends of pixels2Pages™!  Click the image below to download your free gift.


(Members do not need to download this kit as all of the elements in this sampler are included in the full crop kit.)

Share your creations with us!

Post your pages in the pixels2Pages Community Facebook Group and engage with the rest of the community.  We encourage you to add your completed pages to our FOREVER Collaborative Album, even if you posted to the pixels2Pages Community.

Use the following hashtag when posting your page:



Happy Cropping!

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10 Responses to Welcome to the After Dark Crop

  1. Eleanor Bondurant says:

    Where can I find the section on text wrapping?
    thank you, Eleanor Bondurant

  2. Ruby says:

    Thanks Pixies, I am having a fabulous time. Is there a link to a list of the featured designers and their featured kits?

  3. Jean Young says:

    Thank you Pixies for this beautiful kit!

  4. Cynthia Barclay says:

    Thanks! Such clear instructions! Can’t wait to get started!

  5. When I select the Bingo image, it says, “This site can’t be reached. mypixels2pages.comt’s server IP address could not be found.” Is that because of the “t” at the end of the server IP address?

  6. Terry Vachowski says:

    Just questioning how we can possibly earn 20 badges if we didn’t attend Forever Live and so didn’t get freebie kits? Only attending Sunday crop. Thanks!

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