I have had people ask me what can be done with Artisan 5 (and now Artisan 6!), other than digital scrapbooking. They often feel that they want a program that is very versatile, and can justify the cost. I have used it multiple ways.

My granddaughter had a school project where they had to write a letter as if it was someone on the front, based on their reading of “The Thin Red Line”. I had her write her letter, then we put it on an 8 ½ x 11 sheet, put a parchment paper as background, redid the letter in the Black Jack font, shaded the edges, added some “dirt” spots, put it in a page protector and sent it to school with a note that it had just been found in an old trunk. The teacher got a kick out of the originality and Micayla had some fun with a school assignment. Unfortunately, I no longer have a sample of that.

I made labels for the bottles of Bourbon Vanilla that I made and gave as Christmas gifts one year.

I made the lined paper for guests to sign for my husband’s memory book at his Celebration of Life. I printed on heavier cardstock so it would be more substantial. It sounds like a simple thing, but one can’t find lined paper on heavier stock as it is all like school notebook paper.

I made package labels for Christmas.

I make all my fliers for my crops, and the name tags that coordinate with it.

Recently, during this current Covid19 crisis, I made signs for all the delivery people. I put them on the front porch bench and put a bottle of water on each one, so I could offer some support for all the hard work they are doing.

In my opinion, Artisan has really added depth and helped my ability to create projects that are original and decorative.

Lynn Bisset

Holy Land Bundle by Lucky Girl Creative

Wrinkles Surface texture added to inner square

Fonts: Times New Roman, Microsoft JhengHei Light



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14 Responses to Guest Blog: Artisan, My Favorite Program by Lynn Bisset

  1. egwor13@gmail.com says:

    Artisan is the best thing since sliced cheese! And another huge plus is the support from knowledgeable and enthusiastic people………and there’s no way to adequately explain the Pixies!!! All of this goes beyond the program itself!!!!

  2. Gail Woodward says:

    Love this blog! I too have used Artisan for many, many things. My grandsons love receiving notes in the mail with their picture on them too, done in Artisan. If anyone also has a Silhouette, I design things in Artisan and copy to Silhouette and trace in order to cut out the vinyl. I designed cups for prizes for our Family Reunion this way. Love, Love, Love Artisan!!!! Of course, I love the Pixies too! They have helped so much with so many ideas and training!

  3. Lindie says:

    When I was teaching, I used Artisan to create the Math posters for my classroom.

  4. katrina says:

    Even though people have named so many uses for Artisan I have to chime in too. It is so much easier to use than Word for projects that I use Artisan to make game cards also with pictures and labels. I also had my child use it for a school project where the students had to make a magazine “cover” with “article” titles that told things about themselves. I also used it when he had to make a timeline of his life to make his pictures in different shapes framed shapes. I made a guest signature book for my mother’s 90th birthday party. I made frames to put on pictures to use on a bulletin board, printing them on card stock.
    Again, game cards, school projects, banners, party decorations, name plates, cards, postcards, flyers, announcements, it is an easy to use program for all kinds of projects!

  5. Cindy Rold says:

    Thanks for sharing your creative ideas, Lynn. I have also made place cards with people’s names for Thanksgiving and Christmas and made banners for those holidays. And I have made many posters for memorial services for people who have died. Finally, I made a poster with photos from each decade of my mother’s life for her 90th birthday.

  6. adakallen says:

    I have used Artisan for many things!

  7. Sandy Norman says:

    I love being able to create a special memory for someone using the tools included in Artisan. This program is about more than scrapbooking. It helps us share our stories through the many different creative options available.

  8. Jan says:

    Great blog, Lynn! Thanks for sharing your Artisan insights!

  9. Great blog post, Lynn! Of course, I love the comment you made about making the lined paper!!! Like you, I have used Artisan for many different things! It is truly a very versatile program for the money!

  10. Patricia Matsen says:

    I also use Artisan for MANY different projects. I have done all the usual things like books, calendars, Christmas cards, cups, ornaments etc.
    Then I have printed recipes on 4×6 cards. I have created yearly invitations for my birthday bash for my grandkids on 4×6 cards. Flyers for the senior center where I volunteer in normal times. Facebook timelines. Zoom backgrounds. I created game cards for a special Christmas game that printed out on business card paper so they could be broken apart and used individually. I also made page prints to use on the spines of my CM scrapbooks. I put them in a page protector and slide them in with the existing spine. I also created nametags for my class reunion. I could go on…..

  11. Terry Vachowski says:

    I like to use mine to make “promises” that are too big to wrap or will be fulfilled later. So many uses!

  12. Christine Vonesh says:

    I’m like you Lynn, I write all my letters in Artisan, have used it extensively for preparing educational materials for camps and 4H activities. I would be lost without it. I actually love creating in it…..such a fun way to relax and express some feelings. I’ve made holiday card holders, table decorations, Mother’s Day banners, baby shower banners, and so much more. I love adding the embellishments to special projects like this to make them unique and express some thoughtfulness specific to the individual celebration. I loved watching Keri Anne (I think) make that mini book and the detailed instructions that she shared to show exactly how it was done. It is fun taking something and working outside the box sometimes! Artisan lets you do that!

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