Where has the time gone?   It has been 11 years since pixels2Pages began.   The last year has been particularly hard on all of us having to deal with COVID-19.  With all of the difficulties and minor inconveniences, we all remain incredibly blessed.

In honor of our birthday, we want to flood the pixels2Pages Community with Globes.  We specifically want the globes to be filled with all of the things you are grateful for, or all of your blessings.  Post your Globe of Gratitude on or before April 10, 2021 using #Happy11thBirthdayp2P and you will get your choice of exclusive Blueprint.

Here is a handy link to our classic offering showing you how to create a globe.

Globe Trotters Globe Variations

Globe Trotters Globe Variations

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4 Responses to Globes of Gratitude for pixels2Pages’ 11th Birthday

  1. raestes@epbfi.com says:

    Happy Birthday, Pixies!

  2. S Engle says:

    Will there be a collaborative album for those not on facebook?

  3. Patricia Lewis says:

    After buying the programme from Creative Memories I was excited to find p2P to help me workout this great programme. At that time us Aussies couldn’t join. I was more excited to discover a free tial programme. I found Shelleys blog which was great It was fantastic news when eventually DownUnder was allowed to join. Thankyou Jan and the Pixies for creating this fantastic group

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