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7 Responses to Rabbit, Rabbit! July 2021

  1. Cathy Finney says:

    I used to be able to print this calendar easily. Now it takes more steps to get the same job done. It is not easier. It is harder.
    Not a good fit for Forever p2P.

  2. Pamela Finney says:

    Hmm, the new three step process of saving the Monthly Calendar, then opening a Photo Print program, and finally size it to to fill the 11×8.5″ paper, is not an improvement! I will have to send instructions to all my customers to help them.

  3. Toni McDonnell says:

    So I hate to appear dumb, but I can no longer print the monthly calendar, as it is now a jpeg. My printer does not print 8×10 size on regular paper. To print this calendar on photo paper seems an unnecessary expense. I also tried to change format from jpeg to a printable format, but I see no options. Can you help guide me?

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