We’re here to inspire you to take your photos from pixels to pages as you tell your stories and celebrate life’s moments for today and tomorrow.

Our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and confidence needed to celebrate your photos, complete photo books and projects, and create treasured keepsakes for you and your families.

At pixels2Pages.net and our Facebook group, you will be part of a global community of digital scrapbookers who share the joy of the creative process and the satisfaction of completing pages.


While the current p2P is a lot smaller than it once was, we are passionate about photos and the stories behind them.  We want you to feel accomplished and connected, and we want you to participate.  Use the website to get the most out of your Forever software, print pages, projects, and books full of your photos, and share your pages with the p2P community.  Here are our pages about us and our passions.  We can’t wait to get to know you, too!

We’d also like to acknowledge our friends who were with us at the beginning of pixels2Pages, but have moved on to other things over time.  You’ll see posts from them for years to come, and the mark they left is indelible.  Mary Browder, Shelley Alexander, Alison Woof, Janice Gilhooley, Kerrianne Hobbs, Justine Forrest, Jenny MacKay, Carolyn Bodkin, Jeannine Campbell, Marilyn Innes, and Penny Petersen were instrumental in getting the website off the ground and launched, and in keeping it going.  Once a Pixie, always a Pixie – thanks, y’all!