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Bright Idea 41: Embossing the Mask

Combining the emboss filter with a mask effect will create a stunning backdrop to your photos! To view the instructions click on the Instruction Page below. […]
Aug 14, 2017 /

Bright Idea: Mosaic Magic

This sample Bright Idea will help you add an artistic touch to a page. Artisan 5 turns us all into artists at the click of […]
Dec 31, 2015 /

Bright Idea: Over and Under

This sample Bright Idea will help you create a layout with flair. Artisan 5 turns us all into artists at the click of a mouse. […]
Dec 30, 2015 /

B2B Lesson 12 Bonus Challenge

This is a fun way to make it look like you are 'peeking' through a hole in your page at the photo behind. Follow the instructions […]
Aug 2, 2012 /

Blog: Monster Faces

Wow!  48 hours ago I was able to experience with my children something, or rather someplace, I hadn’t experienced since I was a child myself.  […]
Jul 15, 2012 /

Blog: Attack of the Blurry Photo. Oh No!

You know what they are…those ominous flicks…. We have all been held hostage by the blurry photo that you just can’t seem to purge.   It […]
Sep 20, 2010 /