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Importing a Blueprint

pixels2Pages members receive a collection of 18 Blueprints every month as part of their membership. A sample collection of Blueprints is provided free for everyone. […]
Jan 30, 2016 /

Bright Idea: Two-Toned Halves

This sample Bright Idea will help you use colors to make a layout that stands out from the crowd. Artisan 5 turns us all into […]
Dec 31, 2015 /

Bright Idea: Over and Under

This sample Bright Idea will help you create a layout with flair. Artisan 5 turns us all into artists at the click of a mouse. […]
Dec 30, 2015 /

Pixie Power Minute: Alignment Tools

See how the new alignment tools in Artisan 5 make it simple to perfectly align elements on your page. Alignment Tools [2:01 min] This Pixie Power Minute […]
Dec 10, 2015 /

Pixie Power Minute: Tracking Lines

Have you noticed green lines appearing when you are moving elements around in Artisan 5? This video will show you just how useful these tracking […]
Dec 3, 2015 /

B2B Lesson 12 Bonus Artisan Tip

There are lots of reasons why you might want to copy one or more pages from one Photo Book or Page Print project to another. […]
Aug 2, 2012 /

D2D Gold Portfolio: One Day at a Time

Have you ever thought you might like to complete a Photo a Day or Project 365 one year?  Don’t even know what that is?  Or […]
Jan 6, 2012 /