We've provided you with some classic blueprint templates to give you practice using Artisan. Blueprints provide beginners with the perfect blend of speedy pagemaking and opportunities for creativity.

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When you are ready for more in depth training, join the pixels2Pages community with a full membership. Read more about what is included HERE

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Your training is arranged in a series of lessons. Click here to get started!

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Begin your digital journey by learning the basics of Artisan 4 software.  Your pixels2Pages team will put the FUN in the fundamentals of digital scrapbooking.  This course will build your confidence so you can begin exploring all of what Artisan has to offer.  Before you know it, you’ll be creating pages like a pro!

Start with the Lessons and move through one at a time.  Every lesson will tell you everything you need to know, step by step.  And we’ll be here to help you!

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Note: Back2Basics for Artisan 5 is now available! Click here for Getting Started with Artisan 5 training.