There are several ways to do this, here are 3 that all work, choose whichever one you like. Method 1 is the easiest!

Method 1
The Snipping tool is a handy tool that comes with most Windows computers. If you are not familiar with it, just type ‘snip’ in the Windows Search and it should appear in the start menu. Follow the directions to snip a screen shot of just your double page spread. Then save it as a jpeg and upload to Facebook as usual.

Method 2
Save both pages as jpeg files. Then on a blank page in Artisan, import both pages as photos. Position them side by side and flatten together. Right click on the flattened image and choose Save selection>Export to image file to save the new image as a jpeg. Now you can upload the saved image to Facebook as usual.

Method 3
Most computers have a print screen (PRT SCR) button. This enables you to take a snapshot of everything that is on your computer screen. So have your Artisan pages open, choose View>Two Page. Hit the PRT SCR button on your keyboard. It won’t look like anything has happened, but if you open a blank Artisan page and click Paste, the image of everything that was on your screen will paste to your page. Use the Cut & Fill Ribbon>Shapes to crop away everything except your pages. Then save the new image as a jpeg and upload to Facebook as usual.


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