Having trouble viewing our videos? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Turn off all extra programs running, including Skype and IM programs (these programs can take up some of your bandwidth, which can cause video streaming issues)
  2. If the video keeps stopping, pause the video and let it fully load before trying to watch it.
  3. If you are watching a video and the video stops running at the same point each time, you are likely experiencing a timing out issue. The best solution we have found is to move your mouse frequently (or adjust the power settings on your computer). Sometimes your computer power settings will stop activity if it doesn’t detect movement. Give this a try as it is the most common fix for our viewers.
  4. If you are experiencing repeated “delays” in the video playing, then it is likely a bandwidth issue. Check that you are getting a good signal from your internet network or wireless router. These videos are streaming from our website to your computer, so they need a good connection to run smoothly.
  5. If you haven’t restarted your computer in forever like I often do, now would be a good time (and then quit out of Skype again since it will auto load on restart). By restarting, you will clear your clipboard of extra stuff that inevitably builds up when working with digital programs- and slows down your machine.
  6. How much RAM you have on your computer and the processor speed can also affect your viewing capabilities.

Hopefully these tips will resolve any the problems you may experience.

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