A. Once Artisan is working you may remove SBC, but you do not have to.  However, there is really no need to keep SBC once Artisan is installed. Artisan contains ALL the features of SBC and lots more. You will not lose any projects or art kits by uninstalling. You are removing the programs, not your data.

NOTE: If you are still waiting on delivery of a project that you have ordered from Creative Memories, I recommend that you don’t uninstall SBC until that project has been delivered, just in case there are any printing issues to be resolved.

One other caveat: If you have a project type that was created in SBC but is not available in Artisan, you may want to save it in a form that can be accessed by Artisan OR keep SBC on your computer.

For the benefit of our members, click HERE for full instructions on uninstalling programs.

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