Our crop Blueprints come in a zipped file. They need to be saved in your Blueprints folder, which is a Windows folder on your computer. If you don’t yet have a Blueprints folder, just create a folder somewhere obvious (in My documents is fine). After you have downloaded the zipped file to your computer, navigate to the downloaded file and double click to open it. Inside you will see the Blueprint page files. Select all the Blueprints and copy, then open your Blueprints folder and paste into the folder. Once they are saved there, you can delete the zipped download from your downloads folder.

To use your Blueprints in a project, with a blank page of your project open, click Template > Using a page file from my computer. Navigate to your Blueprints folder and select the Blueprint you want to use. Set the view in that folder to Large or Very large icons so you can see which Blueprint is which. Select the Blueprint you want  and click Open.

Note – if you are in a 12×12 or 8×8 project, you will only be able to import 12×12 Blueprints. If you are in an 11×8.5 (landscape) or 7×5 project, you will only be able to import 11×8.5 Blueprints.

Some of our crop freebies are in “.pakit” format. This is the standard proprietary format of kits that are purchased in the Forever store, and they allow you to bring the kits into your Artisan 5 content manager. They function just like any kit you purchased from the Forever Store.

To download the kits, click on the thumbnail image as indicated. The kits will usually automatically be saved to your downloads folder, unless you have chosen an alternate location. Once the download has completed, open the Artisan Content Manager. Click on Import Content.

Choose Commercial Art Kit.


Navigate to your downloads folder (or wherever you saved the files to). If you can’t see the thumbnails, make sure your view is set to large or extra large icons, or look for files with the extension “.pakit”. Click once to select one of the kits, then click Open.

Choose which library folder to import the kit to. If you have not customised your library folders, choose Commercial Art Kits.

Click OK and the kit will install. You can now use it via the content panel (for papers and embellishments) and/or the Add Page or Template buttons on the Home ribbon (for Blueprints or page templates) in any of your projects. Repeat the steps to import any other Crop Freebie Kits.

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