A.  Artisan and StoryBook Creator were both created and developed by the same company, Panstoria.

Artisan 4 is very similar to StoryBook Creator 4,  except Artisan has some significant extra photo editing capabilities. This VIDEO summarises the differences.  Artisan 4 has some other minor enhancements, and has everything that SBC has.

Artisan 5, released in September 2015, is a newly engineered program. It still does everything Artisan 4 and SBC could do, but a whole lot better and a whole lot more too! For an overview of Artisan 5 click HERE. NOTE: Artisan 5 requires a 64-bit processor to run. To check if your computer is suitable click here

SBC is no longer supported, which means there are no new updates, no bug fixes, and no tech support for it.

To purchase Artisan 4 (if your computer is 32-bit) click HERE

To purchase Artisan 5, or to upgrade from Artisan 4, click HERE.



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