Welcome, Historian users!  This page and the Focus on Historian section will make it easy for you to learn the ins and outs of this powerful program. You’ll have the tools you need to get your photos organized, edited, safely stored, backed up, and shared, and you may even learn some technical tips along the way.  Links on this page are provided for the benefit of pixels2Pages members. To learn more about a pixels2Pages membership, click HERE.  To purchase a pixels2Pages membership, click HERE.

If you are new to Historian Software, or want to review the basics, click the Get Started button. You’ll find handouts, tips and videos covering all you need to know to get your program set up and your photos gathered together.


Focus on Historian offerings are arranged in six sections – Store, Organize, Protect, Edit, Share and Nuts & Bolts. Click on the buttons below to go directly to that section. We suggest you bookmark this page to make it easy to pop back here at any time. You can also go directly to these sections via the drop down menus in the blue bar at the top of every page. Click on Historian to see all the Historian offerings (listed in date order, with the most recent at the top), or hover over the menu to access the drop-down menu, where you’ll find the Getting Started section, and the six divisions as well.

FOH_Store FOH_Organize FOH_Protect
Click Store for information on getting all your media (images, videos, audio files and pdfs) from files, camera cards, phones and more into Historian. Organize is the place to learn about tags and categories, the timeline and all the tricks of the trade to get your images organized and easily accessible. The Protect section is all about backing up. Our photos are so precious and they need us to protect and look after them! Shadow copies, backup & restore – it’s all here.
FOH_Edit FOH_Share FOH_NutsBolts
Historian is not just for organizing. Click on Edit to learn about cropping, cloning, adjusting the light and colors, restoring damaged photos and so much more. You don’t want to keep your photos hidden! Click Share to learn about making albums or photo books, sharing images by email or on disc, making slideshows – get those photos where they can be enjoyed. Under Nuts & Bolts you’ll find some of the more technical tips  to help you make the program work for you. If you can’t find what you’re looking for in one of the other sections, it’s probably here.

A pixels2Pages membership includes an extensive library of photography tips from professional photographers Nick Kelsh and Justine Forrest.



Please note: Historian was formerly branded as Memory Manager and most of our earlier offerings were created using Memory Manager 4.0. These still apply to Historian. Historian has many newer features not included in MM4.0 and we encourage all MM4.0 users to upgrade if you have not already done so.  If you are still using MM3.0 we have included instructions on converting to Historian, but there is no specific training for MM3.0.