Welcome to pixels2Pages! Congratulations on making the decision to get started telling your stories today.  Choose the membership that is right for you and have fun with it!  When you are ready to join the fun, click HERE.

A pixels2Pages Membership includes:

  • Monthly Blueprint packages
    • Blueprints are page templates that can be completely customized.
    • Blueprints are available in two sizes, 12 x 12″ and 11 x 8.5″ (which can be used in 8 x 8″ or 7 x 5″ projects).
    • These Blueprint packages are exclusive to p2P members.  You will not see these Blueprints in the Forever store for at least three years from their release date.
    • Members have access to all Blueprints released starting with the first month of their membership and going forward, as long as the membership is continuously active.  You will not have access to Blueprints released before you became a member or during times that your membership has lapsed.
    • Click HERE to learn more about p2P Blueprints.
    • Click HERE for a sample of p2P Blueprints.
  •  Access to our entire library of resources:
    • Bright ideas/Challenges 
      • Step-by-step instructions that lead to completed pages.
      • Available as downloadable, printable PDFs.
      • Click HERE for a sample of p2P Bright Ideas/Challenges
    • Tips and Tutorials
      • In-depth, easy-to-follow written information with images, as needed.
      • Topics include Artisan, Historian, journaling, photography, technical know-how, design principles, workflow, and navigating the p2P website.
      • Click HERE for a sample of p2P Tips and Tutorials.
    • Videos
      • Start2Finish videos (S2F) – watch as a Pixie takes you through her creative process from blank page to finished project.
      • Pixie Power Minutes (PPM) – very short (usually 2 minutes or less) videos featuring one specific tool or technique.
      • Video Tidbits (VT) – slightly longer than PPM videos, these recordings generally involve several tools or techniques or show creative applications of same.
      • Click HERE for a sample of p2P Videos.
    • FAQs 
      • answers to common questions about Artisan, Historian, printing with Forever, Blueprints, p2P Memberships, and more.
      • FAQs are available to non-members, too.
      • Click HERE to see FAQs.
    • ALL Focus on Historian content
      • Tips and Videos offering in-depth instruction on Historian software.
      • Click HERE for a sample of Historian Tips and Videos.
  • Free participation in Virtual Crops
    • Includes crop goodies, which may include art kits, Blueprints, handouts, webinars, prizes, and special offers
    • Crops are typically held quarterly over a weekend (Friday morning to Sunday evening).
    • Click HERE for more information about p2P Virtual Crops.

For full details, check out our flyer.

A pixels2Pages membership has it all!  There is something for everyone, novice to expert, who loves digital scrapbooking with Artisan software.  Choose to pay by the month or by the year, in a convenient, auto-renewing subscription.  Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged each month or year until you cancel your membership.  Monthly Blueprints are available for the duration of your membership only. For more details click here.

pixels2Pages memberships cost $15 per month, or you can save by purchasing an annual membership for $160. These memberships will automatically renew. Not sure a p2P membership is for you?  Try before you buy – enjoy a one month free trial that includes access to everything p2P members can access. This free trial membership will continue automatically as a monthly recurring membership at $15 a month unless you cancel before the end of the trial period.

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Getting Started with Artisan 5

Getting Started for Artisan 5  is designed for someone who is brand new to Artisan 5 (but it’s also a great refresher course). This is a free program – no membership is required. You will find

  • printable tutorials
  • lots of very short (1-2 minutes) videos
  • sample free Blueprint collections
  • sample a few Bright Ideas.

Check out the Artisan 5 handout for course details. Click on Getting Started on the top (mango-colored) menu bar, or click: Getting Started with Artisan 5

Back2Basics for Artisan 4

Back2Basics is designed for someone who is brand new to Artisan 4 (but it’s also a great refresher course). No membership is required.

  • 12 self-paced lessons for Artisan 4 (videos, handouts, and more)
  • Tons of great material for Artisan 5 users as well
  • PLUS a special package of blueprints

Check out the Artisan 4 handout for course details. Click on Get Started on the top (mango-colored) menu bar, or click: Back2Basics for Artisan 4