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p2PLIVE_00_LOGO_NOCityAt pixels2Pages, we understand the importance and the power of community. Our Facebook page is one extension of our website which fosters community, but the circle of inspiration would be incomplete without LIVE interaction. The pixels2Pages team has developed lessons especially for p2P LIVE events. Whether you are attending or hosting a p2P LIVE event, pixels2Pages makes learning easy!  To attend an event, click on the events button below. If you are already registered for a p2P LIVE event, you will be able to find the training materials for your event by clicking on the buttons below.

Note: p2P LIVE training material may not be available until the day of your event. In addition to your p2P LIVE event registration, you will need a Pixels2Pages monthly membership prior to your event in order to access the materials used in our p2P LIVE lessons. If you have not used Artisan or StoryBook Creator before, we recommend that you purchase the Back2Basics course and complete it before your LIVE event.