Welcome to the pixels2Pages.net Resource Guide.  We hope you enjoy discovering (or re-discovering) an offering that will help you create your works of heart.

What is a Resource Guide?

pixels2Pages is a comprehensive resource of training and inspiration for FOREVER Artisan and FOREVER Historian desktop software. At pixels2Pages, we have something for everyone.  We cater to all learning styles:

Since we are all invariably a combination of all three learning styles, you can use any combination of our offerings in a way that suits you best.   We cater to all creative styles. We make sure our offerings cover clean and classic style to WOW and over the top and everything in between. Our resources are also designed so that novice, intermediate and advanced users of Artisan can all be successful at the tasks they desire.

Several times per week the pixels2Pages team adds a new offering to the website so that we can provide you with the most up to date and cutting edge information.  Since we are constantly adding new things to the site there is a plethora of information on our site.  Sometimes you are not quite sure exactly what to look for, which can make things a little harder to find.  This is when our Resource Guide comes in handy.

Our Resource Guide takes all of the offerings on our site, organizes them in a logical manner, and puts them at your fingertips.  The Resource Guide is available to the public so everyone can see all that pixels2Pages has to offer.  Simply make sure you are logged in to your membership before clicking on any of the member-only links.

The Resource Guide is organized by Artisan ribbons and popular topics.  The Resource Guide will always be a work in progress as every time we create a new offering, it will need to be added to the guide.  At the current time, only a few sections are complete.   Most months another segment will be added.

Resource Guide by Ribbon:

The buttons below correspond with the ribbons in Artisan 5 Software.  Clicking on the button will take you to the section of the Resource Guide that features offerings related to the buttons on the Ribbon.

Note: As of May 2019 the following buttons are active:  Cut Ribbon and the Filters Ribbon.  All buttons with “coming soon” on them are not linked.


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Resource Guide by Topic:

In this section we have organized the offerings on pixels2Pages by popular topics.  Click the images below for each topic to visit the page where each topic is organized into smaller sub-topics, thus making it easy to narrow down the choices and pinpoint exactly what you are looking for. A more detailed description of each topic is below the images.

As of May 2019 the following topics are active: Fast Formulas, Text, and Filters and Effects

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  • Fast Formulas: This Resource Guide segment is perfect when you are looking for a technique that will make your page completions quick and easy.  This section is perfect for those who have just completed the Getting Started with Artisan 5 Series and are not yet fully familiar with Artisan 5. This segment is also great for those short on time, but looking to spark their creativity.
  • Text: Text is essential for most any project as we always have a story to tell, but text can also act as a design element in your projects.   The Text segment of the Resource Guides covers the basics of creating a text box, advanced photo techniques featuring text, and everything in between.  In this segment you will see offerings featuring tools on the Insert and Cut ribbon along with other tools and effects available in Artisan.
  • Filters & Effects: Filters and Effects go hand-in-hand in that they both allow you to apply optical illusions to elements on your pages. Filters and Effects give you the ability to add a little extra pop to elements on your pages.  You can make elements look more realistic or give them an entirely different look. This segment covers the buttons featured on the Filter ribbon along with various effects which can be accessed from the Customize button on the Photo ribbon and by right clicking on any element and going to Effects.

Topics coming soon:

Over time we will be populating the Resource Guide with the following topics

  • Beyond Beginner:  Once you have mastered the basics featured in our public Getting Started with Artisan 5 Offerings you will be ready to dive into our full pixels2Pages membership.  The offerings featured in this section are the perfect “next steps” when you are ready for more.
  • Design Principles: Over the past few months the pixels2Pages Team has been conducting webinars covering various design principles.  Over time, every design principle will be covered and we will organize the webinars, videos and tips in a Resource Guide segment.  In the meantime, CLICK HERE to access all of our offerings related to design principles.
  • Photo Effects: One of the best things about digital scrapbooking is it allows us to transform our photos into something amazing. This segment will feature all of our offerings that focus on things you can do to make your photos stand out.
  • Content Manager:  We already have an extensive and well organized Content Manager topic, but it is currently not viewable by the public.  If you are a p2P member, make sure you are logged in to your membership and CLICK HERE to view the Content Manager  topic. In time, we will highlight all content manager offerings in its own Resource Guide segment.
  • Historian:  This segment will organize all of the offerings that we have on the site which relate to Historian.

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