This page contains links to a number of free resources available to anyone who uses Artisan 5, Artisan 4 and Historian software by Forever. There are also several guides to what is offered here at pixels2Pages, as well as a range of other helpful information. Simply click any of the links to access these resources in the form of pdf documents, videos or helpful links. Bookmark this page for easy reference.


Forever’s You-Tube channel is full of helpful free videos covering everything from brief overviews to detailed instructions on the ways Forever can help you collect, curate, and celebrate your most important family memories for generations.

Some highlights are:

  • Click HERE for a brief (2½ minutes) introduction to Forever by CEO Glen Meakem.
  • Click HERE for a short video full of great information about FOREVER products, services, and accounts. The FOREVER guarantee is explained in detail.


Click HERE for a current price list from the Forever Print Shop.
Click HERE for a current price list of Forever Products and Services.


Here are some links to free resources to help you start using or transition to Artisan 5:


Printable pdf Handouts:


  • Importing Content – Learn to import and activate your content (.pakit format) purchased at Forever. (Current video was made using the Panstoria site but the method is unchanged)
  • Pixie Power Minutes – very short (1-2 minutes) videos to help you learn some quick tips to make the most of your Artisan software.
  • Ordering from the Forever Print Shop – step by step instructions on ordering your completed projects.



Links and handouts to let you know what is on offer at pixels2Pages or to help you make the most of your pixels2Pages memberships.

About pixels2Pages Memberships:

  • Getting Started with Artisan 5 – Download a PDF with details of what is included in the Getting Started with Artisan 5 course.
  • Back2Basics for Artisan 4 – Download a PDF with details of what is included in the Back2Basics for Artisan 4 course.
  • Pixels2Pages Membership – Download a PDF with details of what is included in a pixels2Pages membership.
  • Focus on Historian Membership, for those who want to learn about photo organization and editing. (Focus on Historian can be purchased as a stand alone membership, or it is included in the full pixels2Pages membership.)
  • Join pixels2Pages – includes a description of all the membership packages offered.
  • Make the most of your Membership – Click for a handout with suggestions on getting the best value from your p2P membership.

About the pixels2Pages Website: