While this pixels2Pages.net website is home base for the pixels2Pages team, you will also find us participating on a variety of social media sites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. We’d love to see you there! You never know what interesting information, inspiring pages, or great photos we have to share.


On our Facebook page, you will find the pixels2Pages team posting regularly to introduce our newest offerings to p2P members and fans. It’s also the place where completed pages are shared by the many talented scrapbookers that make up our vibrant global community. You’ll even see pages created by the designers of the gorgeous digital artwork available at the Panstoria store.  And when Virtual Crop time comes around (about four times a year), our Facebook page is hopping with the excitement of fun crop activities, digital freebies, and oodles of completed pages by our members and fans. So we cordially invite you to visit our pixels2Pages Facebook page, and while you’re there, feel free to click the “Like”  and “Following” buttons!

WHO can post? WHAT is posted? WHERE is it?
  • pixels2Pages team
  • pixels2Pages members
  • pixels2Pages fans
  • Panstoria Store designers
  • p2P news and events
  • shout-outs of new p2P offerings
  • completed digital scrapbook layouts*
  • comments and questions


Note: You are welcome to post on our Facebook page whether or not you are a current pixels2Pages member. We just request that pages posted on our Facebook page are related to pixels2Pages in some way – either they started as a p2P Blueprint, they include Pixie Dust digital embellishments, they were the result of a p2P Challenge, or they were inspired by or used a technique from a p2P video, tip, or blog post. 

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Our Pinterest profile is the home of a wide variety of Pinboards featuring all sorts of interesting and valuable information. We have Pinboards on topics from AlphaSets to Virtual Crops and everything in between.

WHO has a profile? WHAT is pinned? WHERE is it?
  • pixels2Pages
  • individual p2P team members
  • samples of offerings on pixels2Pages.net
  • digital layouts by p2P team members
  • other projects by p2P team members
  • special content created especially for Pinterest


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