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What’s okay:

  • Showing pages you created using pixels2Pages techniques and saying “I learned how to do this on!” (or something like that) is acceptable and encouraged!
  • Sharing pages you created using pixels2Pages products on our Facebook page (or yours) is encouraged! We ask that you list all pixels2Pages offerings and all content (Forever only), and fonts used when you post your pages on our Facebook page or group. Pages posted on the pixels2Pages Facebook page or group that do not feature a pixels2Pages offering and Forever products will be removed without notification.
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  • Printing pixels2Pages Tips, tutorials, and/or handouts and putting them into a binder or folder (for personal use only) is acceptable.

What’s NOT okay:

  • Showing pixels2Pages member-only videos to a non-member or group of non-members is not acceptable. Giving away (or selling) pixels2Pages challenges, Bright Ideas, handouts, tutorials, tips, Blueprints, Pixie Dust, etc. to anyone is not acceptable.
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  • Copying (either word-for-word or paraphrasing) our instructions and distributing them or posting them on Facebook (with or without credit) to anyone is not acceptable.
  • Making a professionally printed training manual or book, even for your own use, using our copyrighted training in any form without our prior written permission is not acceptable.
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