Complete the details below to purchase a 2 month non-recurring membership. The recipient will receive an email from pixels2Pages letting them know about the gift, along with a link to enable them to register and claim their gift.

Please note the following conditions:

  • The gift membership will not begin until the recipient has completed her/his registration.
  • You will be charged as soon as you complete the purchase.  There are no refunds.
  • The email will be sent to the recipient as soon as you complete the purchase.  If you wish the gift to arrive on a specific day (such as a birthday or Christmas) you need to complete the purchase on that day.
  • You may buy a gift membership for yourself, if you wish.  Please fill out the form completely.
  • Be sure to click the “BUY NOW” button at the end of the form.  You will be directed to PayPal, where you will enter your payment information.

The email that the recipient gets is automatically generated by our software. It does not include the gift giver’s name or any personal information.  If you want the recipient to know who sent the gift, please include your name in the personal message.