A.   Absolutely! We want to reward our renewing members for their loyalty, so be sure to read your renewal reminder emails!  NOTE: These emails are sent to the email address associated with your Forever account.  If you have opted out of receiving messages from Forever, or if you have unsubscribed from Forever emails, you will NOT receive these messages.  You are still eligible for the 10% discount, but it will be your responsibility to act BEFORE your membership renews automatically.

The first of these messages, which will be emailed to you 30 days before your renewal date, will include information about an opportunity for you to renew early at a 10% discount, and it will let you know when you will be able take advantage of this early renewal.

If you do not renew early on your own after the initial email reminder is sent, a second email will be sent fifteen (15) days prior to your renewal date, and it will contain a link to the early renewal offer.  This same reminder will be sent again one week (7 days) prior to your renewal date.

If you still do not renew early, you will receive a final reminder one (1) day prior to renewal.  You won’t want to ignore this one!!

All pixels2Pages memberships are auto-renewing.  If you do not take advantage of early renewal, your membership will automatically renew on your renewal date at the full membership rate.  Renewing memberships are non-refundable.

NOTE: The email samples shown above are for three different subscriptions, which is why the dates are different.  They are just illustrating the content of the messages.