Don’t panic! This is easily fixed by following the steps outlined below. For whatever reason the association between Artisan 5 and your library folder has been disconnected, and you need to reset it.

Before trying this, close Artisan and reboot your computer. That may reset the associations. If not, read on …

  1. Open Content Manager.
  2. Click on the greyed out folder. At the top of the main window you will see the “address” of that folder on your computer. Make note of that address.2015-11-27_1453
  3. Click on the small drop-down arrow next to the greyed out folder. Choose Change folder location or remove folder.
  4. A list of options will open. Choose 2. I moved this folder to a new location or drive. (Click this even though you didn’t actually move the folder!)2015-11-27_1454
  5. Navigate to the folder location you noted in step 2 above. Choose the location of the folder and click OK. (This image is for illustrative purposes only – your file location may not be the same)
  6. Your content folder should now be usable.