Here’s the link to Forever’s Support Page. You can email Forever Support directly on or telephone them on 1-888-FOREVER (1-888-3673837)


We suggest that, as always, you tackle any problem by reading FAQs (ours here, and/or the ones on the Forever Help Zone), as many of the most common problems have been addressed and answered.  While pixels2Pages does not provide technical support, we do our best to support our members.  Please check our tips and news posts, or ask us if you need direction.  You can contact us at – we do our best to respond to inquiries within 24 hours.

If you need more help than you can find here, and you contact tech support, please do your best to describe the problem you are having as completely, clearly, and concisely as possible, and include the exact wording of any error messages you’ve received.  It is also helpful if you can describe what you were doing when the problem happened by reviewing the steps that you had taken prior to the problem.  Having screen shots may be valuable, too.  Try to refrain from asking the same question over and over, which only delays the process since the tech support staff will have to wade through even more messages.  Thankfully, there are very few ‘scrapbooking emergencies’, so we can all afford to be patient.