As long as you maintain a continuous, active pixels2Pages membership, you will have access to the blueprints released from the time that you purchased a membership from the Forever store (after 13 March 2017). If you cancel your membership and later rejoin, you will only have access to Blueprints released from your new starting date and going forward.

It is your responsibility to download, save, and back up blueprints while they are available to you.  Blueprints are released on the last Saturday of every month for the next month.  We strongly encourage you to make it a habit to download and save your Blueprints in a timely manner to avoid disappointments.

Click HERE to go directly to Blueprints currently available with your membership.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page and go to the earliest ‘previous entries’ and make sure you have downloaded them.

NOTES: Blueprints released prior to October 2013 are no longer available.