All pixels2Pages memberships are auto-renewing. To do this, you will need to cancel recurring payments on that membership; however, we recommend that you wait until close to your renewal date to cancel recurring payments.  Once you cancel a membership, the Forever system considers you an inactive member.

Log in to your Forever account.

Go to Accounts > Order History > Recurring Payments

Navigate to your p2P membership and click Cancel Membership.

Cancelling payments on a membership cancels all future scheduled payments of that membership.  Once you are no longer paying for a membership, you will not have access to Blueprints or other membership offerings.  Additionally, as soon as you cancel a membership (even if you still have months left before your renewal date), you will no longer be eligible for p2P member-only coupons or p2P loyalty discounts, and you may have trouble accessing the website.  Please write if you cannot access the website.

There are no refunds given for portions of memberships and/or unused memberships.